Dr. Marc's Cosmology Corner

Dr. Marc's Cosmology Corner

Everybody's got an opinion, and I am a body too! In the following you can find links to some of the articles I have writen for Ottawa's alternative rag the X-Press. This is my version of a religion column and I must warn you, I understand religion as refering to things with which most people outside (and sometimes inside religious studies) would not agree. But then, my form of spirituality is informed by the direction of my studies and my life experiences. For instance, as a musician I have had a few interesting experiences where, as I call it, the "anima mousa" (the soul in music, soul of music, soul music, a divine sound) joined in with the band. Or there are the experiences I had while camping and hiking in various parts of the North American wilderness, much like William James.


"What I mean by 'Imagination'." This brief note is an inital statement regarding my ideas of recognizing the primacy of the imagination in both everyday life and in all forms of cultural expression.

Because I have learned that there is no one world out there, I have come to realize that we are all cosmonauts shifting between worlds as we go about our daily lives. In What it means to be a Cosmonaut I make an initial exploration of this idea. This idea of being a traveler among world views has a great deal of implications in regards to how we imagine our intersection with the world and our selves. In What it means to be a human today I explore an emerging fantasy of selfhood that accounts for our ability to live in many different worlds.

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