An apology to members of the EIR AAR:

I am truly sorry that I could not attend the conference at Lemoyne College and give my presentation in person. I can only cite extreme financial difficulties as a result of the poor economy in Canada and the severe lack of jobs as a reason (I can't even get a job tending bar!). Thanks to the continued erosion of respect for intellectuals and knowledge-workers in North America, I have found myself a new Ph.D. enjoying less than half the income I did as a student. The updated situation as it effects me follows: 50,000 jobs have been cut in the Ottawa area in the last year or so; and, Mike ("The Sheriff of Nottingham") Harris - Conservative Premier of Ontario - has upon the recommendation of the Ontario Education Minister (who is widely rumored to be a high-school drop-out) cut the university budget for the entire province by 30%. This means not only can I not find a blue-collar job, or even something more suited to my education, but there is no more part-time teaching available for people in the humanities in Ottawa, at least.

Marc Fonda,
Associate Researcher (which means they don't really have to pay me),
Centre for the Study of Religion
University of Ottawa

Last updated April 22, 1996.