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Essays Regarding Psychoanalysis

Essays in Cultural Studies

An essay on power and millenarian activies that borrows insights from Kenhelm Burridge and John Kenneth Galbraith. First presented at the Eastern International Regional Meeting of the American Academy of Religion, April 8, 2000 in Syracuse, N.Y. (my childhood home left some 22 years ago). The title is: "Power in the American Apocalypse"--it also funtions as an initial introduction for a 450 page manuscript on the 350 year history of the American Protestant Apocalypse
I wrote while last unemployed.

For those of you interested in Millennial studies and/or postmodern thought, this essay deals with the impending millennium. Its intention is to indicate that apocalyptic thinking is a specific genre endemic to Western thought
and is, indeed, characteristic of a "Postmodern Imagination of the Apocalypse".

This is a short essay about power and selfhood in Navajo cosmology and ritual
as these phenomenon relate to Western ideas of the same.

For an adventure into an improvisation on a dream, read my original faerie tale "The Boy, the Bottle, and the Hag"

Essays Regarding Net Culture

Problems the New Media Bring to the Study of Religion. is a paper that was prepared for the
Eastern Internation Regional meeting of the American Academy of Religion, April 1996.



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