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Indicies on Religious Studies and Religion


Alexandria on the Web - Resources on the relationships between cosmology, philosophy, myth, and culture and Illuminations - hypertext project dealing with cosmology, future technologies, secret societies throughout history.


Topical Index to EFF Archives

Index to archives of newsgroup postings


Matrix Information and Directory Services, Inc. (MIDS) - maps and demographics of the Internet, WWW, and the Matrix. Statistics and Demographics

Cyber Culture Sites

Cyber Churces

The First Church Of Cyberspace This group is lisenced in Florida to perform marriages, babtisms, etc.All activities are performed virtually and in reality.Offshoot of the Church of the Subgenius, with Episcopalian background, a touch of Jewish Kabalah.

First Cyberchurch of the Scientific GodOn this page you find the following: "I am interested in founding a new religion based on love of God and Mankind with good science as a foundation." "DOCTRINE 1. We believe that a loving Scientific God is evident in every genuine physical and natural law, in mankind, and in all loving things of every universe. 2. We believe that God establishes the environment for the will of mankind so that each should choose His way freely without fear, without coercion, and even without persuasion after understanding all the facts and beliefs...."

The Technosophy Web Page

OTISian which announces that it is "the only fully registered web site for the Last True Faith on this pathetic little planet."

There's even a blessing by a technoshaman

Doctress Neutopia claims to have started the first religion on the Internet.

Libraries on the Web

The Virtual Library

Carnegie Mellon University - Informedia Project

Indiana University Music Library: VARIATIONS Project

Library of Congress Digital Library Collections

Project Gutenberg

UC Santa Barbara - Alexandria

University of Michigan's Internet Public Library

Cyber Cash

For a list of information on Internet payment systems; to peek into details surrounding the E-money survey; there's the Electronic Funds Clearing House which provides a list of research findings regarding trends in electronic payment schemes. The Electronic-Business Project at the Hewlett-Packard Laboratories, Bristol offers data on financial transaction models in the electronic world. The Money - Past, Present & Future lists sources of info on the history of money, contemporary developments in money, and the future prospects for electronic money. You can also go to Hal R. Varian's "The Information Economy" which provides lots of relevant links and Yahoo's Digital Money - Direct WWW Link.

Psychology of the Internet Discussion Groups
and Web Sites

PSYCHOANALYTIC STUDIES ([email protected])
Among the topics considered are: history, theory, cultural studies, film, literature, drama, critical theory, anthropology, art, feminism, gender studies, biography & autobiography, personality psychology, dynamic psychiatry, social science, philosophy, methodology - anything which includes a psychoanalytic (or, broadly speaking, psychodynamic) dimension.
To subscribe, send a message to:
[email protected]
In the body of your message type: subscribe psychoanalytic-studies yourname

Electronic myths of Cyberia

Perspectives: Views on Technology & Culture

Postmodern Culture

Technology & Culture

Psychology of the Internet: Research and Theory - email forum
The topics that are appropriate to this list are broadly defined, but can include such things as:

To subscribe to this mailing list, send a one-line e-mail (leaving the subject blank) to: [email protected]

In your e-mail, please include the line: subscribe research Your-name (replacing "Your-name" with your real name). A list of valid commands can be obtained by sending a one-line email to the above address with the word "help" in it.
The mailing list's submission address is: [email protected]

Mental Health Net sponsors several discussion groups applying depth psychology to Net culture.

Internet Usage Survey - Psychological effects of Internet use/abuse/addiction.

Julia Kristeva

Philosophy and Ethics regarding Kristeva's thought. Compiled by: Paul Fehrmann Discussion Name: KRISTEVA
Subscription Information: [email protected]
Submission Address: [email protected]

The Psychology of MUDs and MOOs

You can telnet to the The New School's site.

And finally an Index of /pub/Net_culture/MOO_MUD_IRC

Bill Mitchell,
Dean of the School of Architecture at MIT

You can link off to one of his books, City of Bits or look at an interview with Mitchell.

Some sites dealing with transgender issues

Deni Scott's Transgender Inclusion In The "Queer" Community

Transgender.Org is the home to a variety of transgender community web pages.

Gay Lesbian Bisexual Transgender

Links to Herbert Schiller

Herbert I. Schiller: Culture Inc., Oxford University Press: New York, 1989, pp. 98ff.

Open Magazine's Interview with Herbert Schiller

Schiller's The Corporate Cultural-Information Blanket

ROAR!'s article by Shiller: "Challenging the Global Cultural Factories"

Schiller: Media, Technology, & the Market

Other Links of Interest (too good to discard)

Hanover College offers a comprehensive and impressive index of ancient, medieval, early modern and modern European works that exist on the web. Texts and Documents: Europe can be your next never-ending resource.

There's a renegade Catholic Bishop Bishop on the Net. Apparently the Pope demoted this guy for liberal attitudes to Bishop of Partenia, which is mythological, non-existent seat. Well, the Bishop has made the Internet Partenia, likely to the Pope's chagrin.

Ontario Centre for Religious Tolerance


Philosophy, Psychology, Religion WWW-based Information


Altered States of Consciousness

Mysticism in World Religions

WORLD SCRIPTURE: A COMPARATIVE ANTHOLOGY OF SACRED TEXTS Includes a Comparative Anthology of Sacred Texts contains over 4000 scriptural passages from 268 sacred texts and 55 oral traditions, and is organized in terms of 164 different themes.

Freethought Web This is a collection of reprints of old, hidden, suppressed and forgotten books covering American and world history, the Biographies and writings of famous persons, philosophy, religion, non-theistic world-views, and more.

Cultural Studies and Critical Theory

Surrealism Test

Religion And Humour

More Sacred Texts on the Web

The King James Bible, and also here.

The Tao Te Ching and as translated by Jesse Garon.

The Dead Sea Scrolls Exhibit

The Bhagvad-Gita

Christianity - Theoretical And Organizational Apologia - To Offer A Reason: An archive devoted to Christian apologetic materials.

EFF "Net Culture" Archive is also available on a mirror site, FTP at ( following the path /pub/Net_culture/ or on Gopher.

@url media and net culture provides corporate listings of materials on Net culture.

Net.Culture is a personal collection of links to aspects of Net culture.

Electronic Journals (Web Magazines)

CULTRONIX is a Web-based journal about electronic culture.

CTHEORY is an international, electronic review of books on theory, technology and culture. Sponsored by the Canadian Journal of Political and Social Theory, reviews are posted periodically of key books in contemporary discourse as well as theorisations of major "event-scenes" in the mediascape.
CTHEORY is published with the assistance of the Dean of Arts and Science and the Department of Political Science, Concordia University, Montreal, Canada. The World Wide Web edition is made available through the kind assistance of the members of the English Server Collective at Carnegie Mellon. Editors: Arthur and Marilouise Kroker,

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First Presented to the Spring 1996 Eastern International Regional Conference for
the American Academy of Religion, at Lemoyne College, Syracuse, N.Y.

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