Connecting Links

Interesting Links
(Other web sites that we feel address related or connecting topics)

Chuck Shramek's Hale-Bopp Companion Page
Not Online Currently

The Art Bell Web Page
Not Online Currently

NASA Images from NASA

Whitley Strieber UFO News

A Dedicated Spiritual World-Wide-Web Site: Spirit Web
Site Currently Closed

Undercover E.T. Surfaces Before Departure

Nexus Magazine

An Internet Religion Community: Chrisnet Organization
Not Currently Online

Exposing Disinformation

In Depth Reporting of Current Affairs: Channell 11
Not Currently Online

Millennial Prophecy Report

A Synthesis of Science, Religion, and Mysticism - Science Without Bounds

The Meeting Place of Religions - Origin

Cutting Edge Book - Deep River Books

The Gnostic Web Page Summary of Gnosticism

Heal Yourself with Lymphology: International Academy of Lymphology

UFO and Conspiracy Links - Polar Bear

HAARP, Area 51, and more Proxima Conspiracy Page [No longer online.]

Self Determination - The Libertarian Movement

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