Aug. 10, 1997 

 About this Web site?

This is a personal web site. The views and opinions expressed on this site do not represent the views and opinions of anyone but  Rkkody (Chuck Humphrey).
This site is not a Heaven's Gate web site even though I have placed here a copy of the Heaven's Gate web site.  It is NOT intended to represent the views of my Older Member or other Heaven's Gate members, although I am making every effort I can to make it as truthful and accurate at possible. 
    There may be a few individuals who desire to learn more about the Next Level and Ti and Do.  Since the group left,  their original web site has been updated with information they wanted posted.  

    However, A few of us, who where asked by the group to assist in getting their information out, feel that their web site should not be altered from what they had designed,  but we also feel that we should offer a forum to those who wish to learn what is happening now with those who are still faithful to the Next Level.  One of the ways we can do this is through this web site. 

    We will be making updates to this web site regularly and will use it to announce other web sites and events  related to this effort.    We will also report upcoming media events concerning Heaven's Gate as we become aware of them.  In that regard we are encouraging anyone who might know of such an event to let me know so we can share them in this web site.


New things Media and Events  Upcoming media events, Documentaries, and other Heaven's Gate related events   
    CONTACT - The current movie staring Jody Foster depicts a scientist who makes contact with an alien race.  The movie has some really good special effects and if you like space, then this movie is MUST SEE

    Interestingly, there is a scene where references are made to "mass suicides" and the infamous house in Ranch Santa Fe is shown with ambulances and people removing the Heaven's gate member's "dead" bodies.