July 1997 

 Returned from Heaven's Gate Book

I am trying  to get a book written and published titled  Return from Heaven's Gate which I hope to make available within a few months.   I would like this book to provide an insiders perspective on the group that is presently not being told.  Most of the media had been quick to condemn and criticize this group and there is nothing available which presents the viewpoint from one who tried to leave with them, but failed.

There are several obstacles to getting this book published right now.  First, I am not a writer, nor do I plan to develop the skills required to make a book like this marketable, so I need to work with a ghost writer who can translate my story to paper.

Secondly, I have contacted several publishers who are not interested in committing to another Heaven's gate book.  There are two book now in print, and the major publishers are waiting to see how they do in the market.