July 1997 

 Exit Video Tapes
On March 25th 1997, I received two hi-8 video tapes from Heaven's Gate.  These tapes contained statements made by DO and the students only days before they left their human containers in what humans refer to as "committed mass suicide." 
Tape 1:
    -Do's Final Exit 
This tape is over 1 hour and offers instructions to any who wish to follow him.  The tape also shows each "student" who left with him.
Tape 2:
   - Students of Heaven's Gate Expressing thier thoughts Before Exit (3/21/97) 
This tape was made just hours before the group started their "exit" sequence. Students of Heaven's Gate Expressing thier thoughts Before Exit (3/21/97)  is also over 1 hour and shows several members eagerly awaiting this final step each presenting about 5 minutes of their "exit" statement to the world.

Other Video Tapes available

Tape 3:
Last Chance To Evacuate Earth Before It's Recycled   (Sept. 29, 1996 - 70 min.)
"The fact is, that there is only one Kingdom Level - a Kingdom Level, just like there's a human kingdom - there's only one Kingdom Level above the human  kingdom, and that Kingdom Level made the human kingdom, and designed the planet, designed all of its resources, designed all of its life forms, designed  humans, and even designed humans with the potential of leaving the human     kingdom in order to go to the Kingdom Level Above Human." 
Tape 4: 
Planet Earth About To Be Recycled -- Your OnlyChance To Survive -- Leave With Us           (Oct. 5, 1996 - 58 min.)
"We're not saying that planet Earth is coming to an end. We're saying that planet Earth is about to be refurbished, spaded under,  and have another chance to serve as a garden for a future human civilization."

This tape was made just a few days after Tape 3, but it is Do's final effort to relate to humans. 


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