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The Vira Sadhana

As is the competency of the sadhaka (male practitioner) so also that of the sadhika (female practitioner). Only by this is success achieved and not in any other way, even in ten million years - Mahakalasamhita, quoted in Shakti and Shakta, Woodroffe

(This English translation of chapter 13 from the Brihad Nila Tantra covers meditation and the vira sadhana (heroic worship, which includes sexual intercourse) of Mahakali. It also outlines the principles of svecchacharya (the path of acting according to one's will) which is central to the Kaula school of tantra.)

Sri Bhairava said: Now I speak of the supreme mantra of Mahakali, bestowing all poesy. Listen attentively, O Maheshani. She is the primordial one, Prakriti, the beautiful woman, the primordial knower, with kalas, the Fourth, the ultimate mother, the boon giver, the desirable one, the lady of heroes, the giver of success to sadhakas.

She, the primordial one, Mahaprakriti, Kali, the true form of time, whose great mantra of all mantras is the ocean of mantra, she alone gives all success to a sadhaka who wants it. The destroyer of anxiety, giving boons, seated on a corpse, gives all desires, O Devi, and creates all marvels.

In this matter, purification of mind and determination as to defects or enmity in a mantra are unnecessary. In sadhana with this great mantra, there are no restrictions as to time, nor day, lunar mansion or obstacles caused by lunar mansions and so forth. Nor in Mahakali's sadhana is it necessary to consider guru.

Listen, Vararoha, to the all-poesy bestowing mantra. Two Hrims and two Hums, followed by three Krims and Dakshine Kalike, then pronouncing the previous bija mantras in reverse order, putting in front of it Om and Svaha last, is the mantra of twenty three syllables, the ultimately beautiful mantra. Using this king of mantras causes a person to become like Shiva, there is no doubt of it.

Bhairava is the rishi of the mantra, Ushnik is the metre, Mahakali is the Devi and Hrim is the seed. Hum is the Shakti and its application is well known. Vararohe, listen to the meditation. Reciting it gives siddhi, its practice gives the power of attraction, and it causes pashus to become viras.

I worship the greatly beautiful one, with limbs the colour of thunderclouds, who is naked and sits on the corpse of Shiva, who has three eyes and earrings made of the bones of two young handsome boys, who is garlanded with skulls and flowers. In her lower left and upper right hands she holds a man's head and a sword, her other two hands bestowing boons and banishing fear. Her hair is greatly dishevelled. Using this meditation, worship and satisfy the Paramesvari.

Listen, beauteous one, to the Gayatri, which gives all knowledge when recited. Saying Kalikayai and vidmahe, then say shmashanavasinyai dhimahi, and then tanno ghore pracodayat. Devi, after reciting it twenty times, it is the giver of all prosperity. Recite it 20,000 times to achieve success in its preparation. Do homa of a tenth part, oblation of a tenth part of that, and abhiseka of a tenth part of that. Then feed Brahmanas. Do everything necessary within the sadhana, then dismiss Devi and throw the pot into water.

I speak now of the great ritual which bestows both the visible and the invisible. Mantras become successful using this rite, which is to be performed in the first or third watch at night, and are powerless otherwise.

O Mahesvari, do vira sadhana in a house, or elsewhere on earth. Make a small platform strewn with bunches of plantain leaves and place on this a pot smeared with vermilion. In the pot place mango shoots and wine made of khadira blossoms, as well as asvattha and badari leaves. Also place in the pot pearl, gold, silver, coral and crystal and then strive to accomplish vira sadhana.

Draw a matrika cakra, placing the pot on top of it. A mantrin should put it on a cloth, facing the northern direction. After worshipping with various substances, one should offer food, unguent, mutton and the most attractive sorts of food. Then, O Devi, offer curd to the great goddess.

Have there a young and beautiful girl, adorned with various jewels. After combing her hair, give her tambula and draw two Hrims on her breasts, Aim on or near her mouth, and draw two Klims on either side of her yoni. Drawing her towards you by her hair, caress her breasts and then place the linga into her yoni pot.

O pure smiling one. Recite the mantra 1,000 times, O sweet faced one. Dearest, one becomes accomplished by doing the rite for a week. Maheshani, recite the mantra not in the manner written of in books, but in her yoni. This brings mantra siddhi, there is no doubt of it. So, Devi, the secret thing giving all desires has been declared to you. One should not reveal it, one should never reveal it, Maheshani.

O Naganandini, at the risk of your life, never reveal it. It is the giver of all siddhi. I cannot speak of the magnificence of this mantra. Had I ten thousand million mouths and ten thousand million tongues, I could still not speak of it, O Paramesvari.

It is the most secret thing in the three worlds, very hard to obtain, the great pitha Kamarupa, giving the fruit of all desires. Maheshani, reciting in this way gives endless fruit, if, by the power of good fortune one attains this pitha. O Maheshani, after reciting the mantra there, it gives endless fruit. Bhairavi, siddhi resides in that high place (described in) this tantra, without doubt.

Artwork is Jan Bailey, 1995. Translations are Mike Magee 1995. Questions or comments to [email protected]

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