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      Name                   Last modified     Size  Description

 Parent Directory       29-Dec-97 16:02      -  

 adinatha.faq           05-Nov-95 00:07    30K  application/octet-stream              29-Dec-97 16:06    33K  application/postscript

 batuka.txt             29-Dec-97 16:04     5K  text/plain            26-Dec-97 13:05    35K  application/postscript

 chinnama.txt           29-Dec-97 16:05     5K  text/plain

 dhvajadi.pdf           21-Nov-95 00:55   128K  application/pdf

 ganesh.pdf             21-Nov-95 17:59   202K  application/pdf

 jnana.pdf              22-Nov-95 10:32   122K  application/pdf

 kalsam1.pdf            22-Nov-95 23:55   139K  application/pdf

 kalsam2.pdf            22-Nov-95 23:58   206K  application/pdf

 kalsam4.pdf            23-Nov-95 00:04    73K  application/pdf

 kaula.pdf              04-Nov-95 23:29   114K  application/pdf                 28-Aug-97 23:00     1M  video/quicktime               28-Aug-97 23:25   911K  video/quicktime

 kaula.txt              29-Dec-97 16:05     3K  text/plain           26-Dec-97 11:02    51K  application/postscript

 shaktisuutra.txt       29-Dec-97 16:05     5K  text/plain               29-Dec-97 16:05    29K  application/postscript             26-Dec-97 11:02    61K  application/postscript

 shiva.gif              05-Nov-95 00:09     5K  image/gif             31-Aug-98 11:39    73K  application/postscript         31-Aug-98 11:35    71K  application/postscript

 yogini.txt             24-Sep-99 15:58    44K  text/plain

 yoni.pdf               21-Nov-95 17:55   391K  application/pdf

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