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Nandi - vahana of Lord Shiva

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Unsorted links

Interesting essay on Tantra and how it affected Western esoterism
World Religions: Hinduism
Religious Studies Saskatchewan
Goddess Kali at Muktinath
Tripura Rahasya in English
Kanchi Kamakoti Peetam - Jagadguru Shankar
Nepalese music
Saundarya Lahari
Paintings (commercial site)
Interesting graphics presentation on tantra, Woodroffe, etc.
Gorakhpur assoc of Bengal
Gauquelin data, astrology, excellent links
Devi Darshan
Wild world of Tantra
Commercial: puja gear. Very good selection of different god/goddess pics
Chinmudra Some pictures from
Attack on Vamachara but this site, otherwise, has some useful material
Gorakh Tilla
Vastu stuff
Giri Trading Puja gear
Indian Heritage: extensive information on many subjects

Tantra, tantrism, tantrika, neo-tantra &c

Aghor Home Page The Aghoris were a sect with a very fearsome reputation but this is rather a tame "aghori" site
Abhinavagupta: the Philosopher
Asiatica Association Includes the former International Journal of Tantric Studies site.
Austrian Kali page with images (some of them ours!)
Bibliography of second sources on tantrism
Buddhanet Various images
Discussion group on tantrism (registration needed)
Discussion group on tantra, etc. Wyrdglow. Email to subscribe
Durga page
FTP directory containing many texts, zipped up
Ganapati Puja in India
Gandharva Nagaram Kashmiri Shaivite texts and a few Devi stotra
Ganesha Home page
Hindu Shakta Home Page Some very good images of Devi on these pages. There is a rare image of Kamakhya on the front page, and a recent update adds Jvalamukhi, Bagalamukhi and others.
Interesting Kali page and images
Ipsalu tantra
Jvalamukhi Ma Temple A pitha where Devi's tongue fell to earth, this is the Maa Jwalaji Temple in Kangra. As well as info about this aspect of Devi, there are pictures of other important temples, including a Goraksha temple, in the Kangra area.
Kali Temple A temple to the Devi.This group organises Kali pujas.
Kashmir Shaivism
Kashmir Shaivism in France
Kundalini bibliography Kurt Keutzer is assembling an authoritative guide here
Links, bibliography related to Kashmir Shaivism
Links to different sites dealing with the Shri Yantra
Luckymojo. Karezza
Mataji page
Mahanirvana Tantra Avalon's edition in English. Now out of copyright. Note that this tantra is considered by many to be a late compilation. However, Woodroffe (Arthur Avalon's) introduction is of great value.
Nepal Institute
Numerous Sanskrit texts here, many with translations Lalita Stotram, Laksman Joo's translation of Shiva Sutras etc
Page on Indian alchemy
Page about the great tantrik scholar Gopinath Kaviraj
Pages on Ganesh
Pages on the Divine Mother
Paper on tantra Very annoyingly grouped into tiny sections
Sanskrit Mantras and Spiritual Power On mantras and their meanings
Shakti and Shakta by Sir John Woodroffe. Good collection of essays here - this edition is now out of copyright, presumably.

Sat Chakra Nirupana Woodroffe's translation of this important text on the chakras, kundalini
Shri Yantra discussion forum (registration needed)
Shri Yantra Mathematical thoughts on the yantra
Small Kali page

Tantralinks Some links to tantrik sites
Tantra in the UK

Tantra, mantra, yantra
Tantra: salvation through sex?
Tantra Commercial US site.
Tantric argument: The Transfiguration of Philosophical Discourse in the Pratyabhijna System of Utpaladeva and Abhinavagupta. Whew.
Tantrik hypermart :|
Tantrik Pages Nik Douglas' site. Some beautiful images and good information here from Mr Douglas' many wanderings.
Tantrism and Neo-Tantrism Article by Georg Feuerstein
Tantrism Forum (not contact list)
Tara links Tibetan and Hindu
Temple of Gnostic Tantrism (please credit our images!)
The dissenting tradition of Indian tantra
The Tibetan Kalachakra symbol
Tibetan Kalachakra site
Vamachara Tantra, it says

Sadhus, nathas and yogis

A little on Gorakhnath in this tourist guide
Amritnath Ashram in Fatehpur
A very interesting essay on sadhus and how they took up arms
Gaddi Dargah Gorakh Tilla
Guru Nanak and the Kanphat Yogis
Kumbha Mela Home Page
...lost within the lies of a religion...that worships Baba Gorakhnath...
Mahakumbhamela 1998 in Hardwar, attended by thousands of sadhus
Meos of Mewat: some info about the Naths
Nath siddha Jnaneshvara
Pir Matsyendranath
Sadhu Sects
Some Goraknath information
Some information about Dattatreya
Some natha and tantrik information from Australia
The Guru et al
Travel... ...Girnar

Yoga and meditation

Abhidhyan Yoga Institute
Ashtanga Yoga Links -- many of them
Shri Paramahamsha Omkarananda Sarasvati As well as Indian wisdom, you can get the very excellent iTranslator and a freeware Sanskrit font from here
Blue Ridge Mountain Journal
Multimedia Encyclopedia of Yoga
Sacred and the profane Some interesting ideas on Kali and yoga.
Yoga Research Center Site hosted by Georg Feuerstein, author of many books on the subject. Hundreds more pages now up on the site.

Ayurveda (Indian medicine)

History of traditional Indian medicine Includes many other ayurvedik and related links.

Images and temples

Article from Express India
Extensive list of Indian temples
Eye of the Sun Sewn image of the Shri Yantra at this nice site
Gods and Goddesses Lots of images
Kamakhya Temple.
Nice Tibetan Dakini image on this Spanish page about Vajrayana
Krishna Temple at Udupi
Mandalas on the Web
Mohan's Image Gallery Some beautiful paintings and photos of statues of Hindu (i.e. tantrik) devatas.
Scaffold: WWW Architecture Excellent page on the construction of the Shri Yantra and Hindu temples with MPEG files.
Siddhavinayak Temple in Mumbai Most beautiful site dedicated to Shri Ganesha, with numerous samples of music and images, including the Atharvashiras Upanishad and the complete Ganesh puja.
Sun Temples And other temples...
The Divine Posse Some images of devata
When the gods go to market Interesting piece on the commercialisation of Indian images
Women's folk art of Madhubani Devi paintings, including Kali, Durga

Hinduism in general

A tribute to Hinduism
Ambaal Devotional Resources Lots of info tucked away here
Animals of Hindu Mythology

Hindu calendar Pretty important information, this
Asian Studies: India Excellent information and links here
Belief Net
Brief Guide to Hinduism
Devi: The Great Goddess
Digital Avatar
California State University Links to religious sources
Dalhousie University Religious links
Dipartimento de Studi Orientali University of Rome site
Eastern Religions
Evansville University Ancient India
Famous Hindu pilgrimages Includes information about the 51 Shakta pithas
Festivals of India There's plenty of these...
Ganesh festival in Mumbai... and here's an example
Ganesh Caturthi Festival of Fourth
Garuda here Nice image here
Global Noise religion page
Gurus, Saints and Seekers
Harappan Civilisation

Hindu links
Hindu links
Hindu Mythology Includes English Saundaryalahari. Large and interesting site
Hindu resources online
Site with links
Hinduism in Italy
Hinduism Potpourri From Kamat. Fantastic information if you hunt for it
History of India
Internet Indian History Sourcebook
Indian images
India timeline
Indology Excellent resource page.
Jambudvipa Excellent resource page and extensive links
Kali, "the satan of Hinduism"
Karma Information and links
Large Hindu bibliography
Legends and History of Ancient India
Les Grandes Religions de L'Inde
Links to Hinduism
List of Indian-related links
Long list of links to Hindu-related sites
Mataji page
McGill University Faculty of Religious Studies
Meeting God Elements of Hindu devotion
Navagraha Home page The nine grahas or planets
Navagraha The nine "planets" of Hindu astrology and tantra
Origin of the sidereal zodiac
Pages on Hinduism Sound research here
Philosophy of the Upanishads
Sacred Texts: Hinduism Includes the four vedas, Ramayana, Mahabharata, Yoga Sutras of Patanjali, Max Muller's Upanishads, Bhagavad Gita, &c.
Shiva Darshan
Shiva links
Shri Nathji Havali
Sociosites Religion
South Indian stotrams
The Hindu Online Indian English language newspaper.
The Illustrated Story of Krishna
The Mystic Shoppe Hindu page
University of Arizona Religious Studies
Vedanta Society of Southern California
Very extensive Hindu bibliography here and list of links
Virtual Religion Guide (Rutgers Uni)
Vishnu page
Vishnumandir in Canada
World History: India

Miscellaneous sites

Antarbhumi Ramrajya a micronation with many links
Access New Age pages.
Adze page An exhibitionistic astrologer.
Alchemy The Nathas were proto-alchemists (Rasavadins). Here you can browse The Hermetic Journal which has one or two references to the cult.
Digital Avatar
Electronic "yantras" software
Global Noise religion page
India's contribution to science and technology
Javanese Mysticism Hinduism permeates the archipelago
Motherheart Spirituality
Shanti Shanti CD of Sanskrit songs
The Divine Posse
The Rudraksha "wonder beads"
World History China and India Page

Indian language

Center for electronic text and image Penn University
Cologne Sanskrit Dictionary With 160,000 Monier Monier Williams entries
Languages & Scripts of India Beautifully presented, with many links
Sanskrit Page This is a wonderful place. As well as everything you'd ever wish to know about Sanskrit, there's an online Sanskrit dictionary.
Sanskrit MSS at University of Pennsylvania
Sanskrit Texts and Stotras

We now have a US Hindu Tantrik mirror with many thanks to Gene Thursby

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