bija mantra Om arranged eight ways

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Rajarajeshvari Kavacha

Shiva's sun mandala, having opened, melts the moon mandala, causing a flow of birth-nectar-liquor which is blissful and gladdening. Having abandoned her family of young Kula women, she becomes Shiva, with no qualities, no characteristics, devoid of the form of time - Vamakeshvarimatam IV, 13-14

The word Rajarajeshvari means "the lady queen of queens", the empress, and this kavacha or armour appears in the fine Tripura tantra, Gandharvatantra. The devotee or sadhaka can write or utter the armour, all the while visualising mantra, devata, and in this case yantra on her or his body. Here, the entire armour focuses on the symbolism of Shri Shri Mahatripurasundari, the Empress, queen of queens, and her attendants in the chakra called Shri Yantra. Our notes are in square brackets. It may also be helpful to refer to this page on the nine mandalas.


The Rishi of the Rajarajeshvari Armour is Shiva, the metre Virat, and the devata Mahatripurasundari. Hamsah is the Shakti, Para the Bija, and Shrim the linchpin. Its application is Dharma, Artha, Karma and Moksha.

May Tripura in three ways protect me, and give all success. May Bala, in the mouth, with Aim Klim Sauh, protect and give all success. The auspicious holy great Devi Tripurabhairavi must protect with Hsasrahn Ha Sa Ka La Hrim Hasrauh in the throat. May the great Lady Mahatripurasundari shield in the heart!

May the Rajarajeshvari Vidya, Shodasi, who confers great good fortune, may She always protect me in the Brahmarandhra, O Kamala Parameshvari! May the Devi who is the daughter of the Lord of the Mountain always protect on the head!

May the Kama Bija [Klim] shield on the forehead! Let the Vag Bija [Aim] shield on the throat! Let Sauh protect me in the ribs and Om on the shoulders!

The beloved of Shambhu must always protect my right and left arms. May the beloved of Vishnu always protect in the wrists. May Parvati protect the hands! Let the beloved of the Sidereal Constellations protect in the eye! May the beloved of Rati protect in the ear, and let Shakra shield the nose! May Parvati Parameshvari always protect the back.

Hsauh in exhalation and inhalation must protect, O Supreme Giver of Siddhi! Kama must always protect in sexual love. May Pinaki protect in the region of the penis. Prithivi must entirely protect! Let Hrim be a shield of the heart!

May the beloved of Vishnu protect in the breasts, belly, and in front of the heart. Let Vajradara protect in the eye, and let Maya shield the abdomen. May Sauh protect the feet, and let Aim shield the restless tongue. The syllable Klim must protect the region of the teeth, O Boon Giver!

May Bhuvaneshvari extend from the head to the feet, and be in all the limbs! May the Supreme Goddess, beloved of Hari, always protect with armour against loss and destitution. In the adhara, the Vagbija must protect! Dear One, the Kamaraja must shield the heart region. Parvati, the Shakti part must protect in the brow-centre!

On the head the Trikuta must protect, with all mantra, on the forehead. May the 28 letters always protect the circle of the face!

[The 15 Nityas]

May Kameshvari shield in the forehead, and Bhagamalini in the face. Let Nityaklinna, the Conferrer of Great Good Fortune, forever protect the right eye. Let Bherunda shield the left eye, and Vahnivasini the right ear. May the transcendent Vajreshvari protect in the region of the left ear. May the Supreme Goddess Shivaduti protect the right nostril. Let Tvarita, the all Success Bestower, protect the left nostril. May Kulasundari always and forever protect my right cheek. Trailokyavimala must protect the region of my left cheek. Nilapataka, shield my upper lip. Vijaya, shield my lower lip. Devi Sarvamangala, always protect my upper teeth. Jvalamalini, always shield my lower teeth. Everywhere, in the head, Vichitra protect. The base, the most important thing, the Mahatripurasundari, She who is the Shodashi, may She always protect my face! See the fifteen Nityas.

The different Gurus must always protect the back.

[Nine Chakreshvaris - forms of Tripura ruling the nine mandalas]

O Parameshvari, may Tripura always protect my feet. May Tripureshvari always protect my knees. Tripurasundari Devi must always protect my thighs. Tripuravasini Devi must always shield my hips! Let Tripurashri always shield my genitals. The Devi Tripuramalini must always shield the Muladhara. Let Tripurasiddha shield my navel, and Tripuramba shield my heart ! Mahatripurasundari must always protect me in the 1000 petal lotus.

[Male Lords of Chakras - matching forms of Chakreshvaris]

In the midst of the heretical host, may Buddha encompass and protect me! Let Brahma shield the Brahmanda (macrocosm) and may Shiva protect my Yoga Power! Let the Sun protect me in Knowledge, and may Lord Narayana protect me in Liberation!

[Outer Line of Shri Yantra]

Anima must protect in the West, Laghima in the North. Mahima must protect in the East, Ishitva must protect in the South. May Vashita protect in the North West, and in the North East Prakamya, the giver of siddhi. Bhuktisiddhi in the South East, and Icchasiddhi in the South West must protect. Praptasiddhi must protect below, and Mokshasiddhi on high!

[Middle Line]

Brahmani must protect the twilight. Maheshvari must shield the day. Kaumari must protect at noon! Indrani must protect at night! Vaishnavi, who gives all siddhi, must protect me in the Brahma Muhurta! At midnight Varahi must protect! Let Chamunda protect in hostile invasion! Mahalaksmi, in great power, must always protect !

[Inner Line]

Sankshobhini must protect on the head. Dravini must protect in the heart. Akarshini in the peak, and Vashyada in the armour must protect. Unmadini in the eye, and Mahankusha in all my body must protect. Trikhanda, protect my arms. Bija must protect the seed. Khechara must protect the feet, and Yoni Mudra on all sides!

[16 Petals]

Let the Kamakarshana form always shield works of sexual attraction. Let the Buddhyakarsha┘a shield me in the great place of Buddhi Akarshana. Let the Ahamkara Vikarshani always protect in the Ahamkara. Let the Shabdakarshana form shield the actions of the Shabda. May the Sparsha Karshana form always protect me in matters of touch. Let the Rupa Karshana form always shield the great Rupavikarshana! O Parameshvari, may the Rasakarshana shield in taste! Let the Gandhakarshana form always protect me in smell! May the Chittakarshana form protect me in attraction. Let the Dhairya Karshana form protect in steadiness always! Let the Smritya Karshana form shield works of Knowledge and Attraction. Let the Namkarshana form shield uttering of names always! May the Bija Karshmia form protect me in the sprouting of seed. Let the Atma Karshana form protect in Para Jiva Karshana! Let Amrita Karshini protect always in works of Nectar (Amrita). Let Sharira Karshini always protect in bodily protection !

[8 Petals]

Anangakusuma must protect protect in all work in front of me. Anangamekhala must protect behind. On the left, Anangamadana must protect me. Anangamadanatura must protect me on the right. Let Anangarekha always, and forever, shield me above. Anangavegini must protect me below. Let Anangankusha always protect me in the directions! Anangamalini must protect always in the intermediate points.

[14 Triangles]

Sarvasangkshobhini must protect me above. Sarvavidravini must protect me below. Sarvakarshini must protect me in the directions. Sarvahladakari must encircle and protect me in the intermediate points. Sarvasanmohini must protect completely. Sarvastambhanakarini must protect me within and without. Sarvajrimbhani must always protect me in the heavens. Sarvavashyakari must protect me in the underworld. In the world of Gods, Sarvaranjaaakarini must always protect me! Sarvonmadanashmkti must encircle and protect me on earth. Sarvarthasadhani Shakti must protect me amongst the host of created beings! Sarvasampattipurani must protect in dissolution. Sarvamantramayi must protect fran Rakshas and Yakshas in the house! Sarvadvandvakshayamkari must protect from Denors in the house!

[Outer 10 Triangles]

Sarvasiddhiprada must always protect me in the king' s palace! Sarvasampatprada must protect me in my own home, and give all prosperity! Sarvapriyankari must protect in all the worlds everywhere! Sarvamangalakarini must shield me in all good actions. Sarvakamaprada Devi must protect me in all works everywhere! Sarvaishvaryapradayini must protect me in lordship everywhere ! Sarvamrituprashamani must protect me always at my death! Let Sarvavighnavasini protect always in all supports! Sarvangasundari must protect me in the form of my bodily parts! Let Sarvasaubhagyadayini protect all my good parts!

[Inner 10 Triangles]

Sarvajna protect my house! Sarvashaktimaya, protect me in battle! Sarvaishvaryaprada must protect me on the road, Sarvajnanamayi on water! Sarvavyadhivinashini must protect me from all disease everywhere! Sarvadharasvarupini must powerfully protect me on the mountain! Sarvapapahara must protect in all works everywhere! Sarvanandakarini Devi must protect from random killing in open places. Sarvarakshasvarupini must protect from all hostile anxieties! In all determined work, Sarvepsitaphalaprada must protect!

[8 Triangles]

Vashini must shield in works of subjugation. Kameshi must shield in works of paralysing. Modini must protect in works of delusion. Vimala must shield in works of driving away. Aruna must protect in speech, Jayini in matters of conversation. Sarveshvari must always protect in sexual acts, Kaulini in acts of dissension.

[The Weapons of Devi]

O Maheshvari, the five arrows must always protect in blossoming. The bow must protect in works of delusion, the noose in acts of subjugation. The greatly illustrious goad must protect me in acts of paralysing.

[The Central Triangle]

All-Knowledge must protect me in the heart! Satisfaction must guard me in the head! The state of being eternally awake must always protect me in the tuft of hair! Let Independence shield me in the Armour. May Courage always shield me in the eyes. Let the three without form protect and give all siddhi! Kameshvari, protect in sexuality! Vajreshvari, protect me in battle! Bhagamalini, always protect me in the love-lore of Shri!

[Bindu ]

Devi consisting of All Bliss, Mahatripurasundari, protect me in taste, sight, smell, sound, and touch! Vatuka, protect in the North East! Numbers of Yoginis, protect in the South East! They must protect skin, blood, fat, bone, flesh, marrow and semen! Kshetrapala must protect in the South West, and Ganesha in the North West of the Temple!

The Elephant Woman Shoshika must protect me, O Beautiful Lady of the Kulas. The Female Dweller in the Muladhara must always protect my Shakti!

Artwork is © Jan Bailey, 1995. Translations are © Mike Magee 1995. Questions or comments to

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