Mysticisms and Modernity

  • Modern Mysticisms
  • Headless Way
    [A site devoted to the writings and workshops of British mystic Douglas Harding and his friends, as extended through the Shollond Trust. Harding's most widely circulated book is titled On Having No Head. The Shollond Trust is also a sponsor of the Spirit Ring.]
  • Infinite Way
    [A site dedicated to the writings and mystical perspectives of the late Joel S. Goldsmith.]
  • Kabbalah Links Page
    [Colorful, humorous, and usefully organized links to a wide range of ways of appropriating and interpreting Kaballah, inside and outside of Judaism, Hermeticism, esotericism, and elsewhere. ]
  • Mystic World Fellowship
    [Based on the work of Graham Ledgerwood, who has been studying and teaching in southern California on the basis of a variety of spiritual traditions since 1970, the site invites people to become students of the Mystic World Fellowship which bridges the categories of open spiritual fellowship and mystery school. Instruction beyond the introductory level available at the site requires a membership and eventually a fee.]
  • Movement for Beloved Community
    [A site that represents an inclusive spirituality rather than the mysticism of a particular tradition. The self-desciption on the site indicates: "We don't need to invent anything new. A common vision exists underneath the apparent differences of major religions. A universal spirituality exists underneath the differences of religious dogma and belief." Headquartered in San Diego, California, USA.]
  • The Society of Pragmatic Mysticism
    [A site based on the work of Mildred Mann (1904-1971), who taught metaphysics in the New Thought tradition in New York City. Her "Seven Steps in Demonstration" is available here.]

    Modern Issues: Psychological Theories and Mysticism

  • Defining Mysticism
    [A series of statements by various psychologists and other observers and commentators on the nature of mysticism.]
  • The Fondarosa
    [An authorized mirror of the Canadian site of creative young scholar Marc Fonda. Includes perspectives on William James, Sigmund Freud, and Carl Jung.]
  • Arthur J. Deikman, M.D.
    [Starting with the author's own resources is always best. In addition, you might want to consider a set of extracts, comments, and study questions based on and adapted from his research.]
  • Charles T. Tart
    [A set of links to resources by and about a contemporary theorist who has contributed toward development of a state-specific science of consciousness.]
  • Dennis Wier
    [Web page for Wier's Trance Institute, with several of his papers posted. As he puts it: "Trance theory shows the relationship between meditation, hypnosis, addictions, magic, the occult, and contributes to the understanding of schizophrenia. The primary reason for this web page is to encourage general interest and promote additional research and understanding." Some scholars suppose that there may be interesting connections between trance and mysticism.]

    More Psychology Resources for Modern Study of Mysticism

  • Psychology World Wide Web Virtual Library
    [Includes links to resources for study of psychological approaches to religious experience.]
  • Transpersonal Psychology
    [Links to resources on various types and traditions of transpersonal psychology.]

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