Mysticism and Music

    Early and Medieval Western Music
  • Cantus (U. of Western Ontario, Canada)
    [A database for Gregorian Chant. Indices of chants in selected manuscripts and early printed sources of the Divine Office.]
  • Gregorian Chant Home Page (Princeton U., USA)
    [Excellent collection of links to resource sites, historical information.]
  • The Gregorian Association (London, England)
    [Historical background, resources, and links.]
  • Gregorian Chant Tutorial
    [A plain text version of a short tutorial in four parts by Donald J. Casadonte of Ohio State University.]
  • Gregorianischer Choral
    [Resources and links in German from the International Society for Study of Gregorian Chant.]
  • Harmonia
    [Early music on public radio in North America.]
  • Plainsong and Mediaeval Music Society
    [Not currently online.]
  • The Saint Gregory Society
    [Background and resources and items for sale from the Society, located in New Haven, Connecticut, USA.]

    Sets of Resource Links

  • Gregorian Chant Web Guide
    [A very well selected and maintained page of chant links that are collected and annotated by Scott Robert Knitter.]
  • Internet Resources for Music Scholars
    [Links to web sites for scholarly organizations.]
  • Selected Early Music Links
    [Links offered by the Cambridge Society for Early Music.]

    Music Audio File Collections

  • Gregorian Chants
    [A set of chant files from Christ in the Desert Monastery.]

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