Native American Spiritualities

  • General Directories and Indexes of Sites
  • American Indians WWW Virtual Library
    [Topically organized and keyword searchable site consisting of a large number of links. Maintained by Karen M. Strom.]
  • Circumpolar Peoples
    [A unit of the World-Wide Web Virtual Library that provides useful links and is coordinated with the Aboriginal Studies Virtual Library in Australia.]
  • Native American Sites
    [A very helpful site that is maintained by Lisa Mitten who is a mixed-blood Mohawk urban Indian. Her goal is "to provide access to home pages of individual Native Americans and Nations, and to other sites that provide solid information about American Indians."]
  • Native Web
    [A large site that includes Native American resources but goes beyond that to aspire to become "a cyber-community for Earth's indigenous peoples."]
  • Powersource Gallery
    [A "collection of Native American artistic symbols portraying powerful people, powerful places and powerful objects."]

    Individual Sites

  • Seeking Native American Spirituality: Read This First
    [A few words of advice to the seeker from the Native American Indian Languages site.]
  • Native American Spirituality
    [Bruce Robinson's basic introduction to the topic at his Religious Tolerance site.]
  • Innerspace
    [A site that represents the writings of Julia White and is an example of the modern or New Age appropriation of native spiritualities.]
  • Lakota Wowapi Oti Kin
    [A Lakota history and culture page maintained by Rev. Raymond A. Bucko, S.J. of the Department of Anthropology at Creighton University.]
  • Wolf Lodge
    [Site for the work of Robert Ghost Wolf who combined traditional native prophecy, Christian notions of end-time, and therapeutic work. A membership organization based in Spokane, Washington.]

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