Other Guides and Links

  • Umilta's Twelve Web Sites
    [A synergetic collection, much of which is devoted to European women mystics. Overall a very helpful resource.]
  • The Mystica
    [An online encyclopedia of the occult, mysticism, magic, paranormal. A project edited and maintained by Alan G. Hefner.]
  • Nonduality.Com
    [A set of pages encouraging the reader "to consider nonduality in whatever context it may appear."]
  • Rudy's Page on Theosophy
    [A wide-ranging introduction to Theosophy by Rodolfo Don.]
  • David A. Salomon's Home Page
    [A web page maintained by the owner of the former Mystic-L discussion list, an accomplished scholar of selected mystics in Christian tradition who offers a web resource on Gregory of Nyssa. and a Lectio Divina resource.]
  • Spiritual Teachings
    [An introduction and several additional pages at this site, such as the Spiritual Healing/Counselling page, offer links organized in a user-friendly way.]
    Also refer to commercial indexes and directories such as the Yahoo! Mysticism Index to identify additional sites that may be of interest.

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