Reviews and Bibliographies

  • First Things - Roundup of Books on Mysticism
    [Reviews by John Farina of five books on Jewish and Christian mysticism from the print journal First Things.]
  • Mystic-L Reviews
    [An archive of reviews posted to the e-mail forum Mystic-L. With each review, there is a link to the book's publisher if it has a web site.]
  • Word Trade
    [Rightly described as "A Readers Guide to Books & New Media," Word Trade is a very useful resource that offers detailed reviews, a four-star rating system, and coverage of many publications that are relevant to the study of mysticism. Available in electronic and print versions.]


  • ICS Publications Carmelite Books
    [A list of secondary studies, some of them hyperlinked and available online. Courtesy of the Teresian Carmel in cooperation with ICS Publications.]
  • Jewish Mysticial Traditions
    [A brief general statement with bibliographical references by scholar Lee Irwin aka Zos Imos.]
  • Thomas Merton Bibliography
    [A list of published writings, with Library of Congress call numbers, prepared by Zos Imos.]
  • Important Secondary Sources
    [One of the bibliographies provided by Bruce Janz. These are useful guides to secondary, critical, and interpretive studies in the English language.]
  • Interpretive Debate Bibliography
    [A list of recent publications relevant to what might be termed the Essentialist-Contextualist interpretive debate concerning appropriate assumptions or frameworks for study of mysticism. Leading protagonists have been Steven T. Katz and Robert K. C. Forman. This is another resource prepared by BruceB. Janz.]
  • Women Writers of the Middle Ages
    [A list of printed works by and about women writers prepared by Juliet Sloger. It is divided into general, primary, and secondary sources. A useful supplement to these references is Bonnie Duncan's excellent site also titled Women Writers Of The Middle Ages.]
  • Thomas Merton Resources
    [A collection of links to online papers and sites dealing with Merton.]

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