Women's Spiritualities

  • General Directories and Indexes of Sites
  • Diotima: Materials for the Study of Women and Gender in the Ancient World
    [Well-maintained and very large resource site. Topically and keyword searchable.]
  • Medieval Feminist Index
    [A great resource for research on women, including women mystics, in the middle ages.]
  • Women's Studies Resources
    [A linked list of resources for the women's studies profession and women's issues, provided by the Women's Studies program at the University of Maryland.]
  • Women's Studies - UMBC and Beyond
    [A site that complements the previous one. Maintained by Joan Korenman at the University of Maryland Baltimore County.]
  • Womanist Theory and Research
    [Resources about African-American and Black women from within that experience. Intended as "a forum for exchanging feminist research, theory, and ideas among women-of-color scholars and students in the humanities, social sciences, education, theology, law, medicine, politics, librarianship, journalism, art, information technologies, and telecommunications."]
  • WSSLINKS: Women and Gender Studies Web Sites
    [Links organized under the following topics: General sites, Archives, Art and Film, Culture (mostly literature), Education, Health, History, International, Lesbian Sites, Music, Philosophy, Politics, Science and Technology, and Theology.]
  • Yahoo! Social Science - Women's Studies
    [A useful collection of non-annotated links from a major Internet indexing service.]

    Particular Aspects of Women's Experience and Spirituality

  • Distinguished Women of Past and Present
    [A site providing a well-organized and extensive list of links.]
  • Feminist studies in religion and a radical democratic ethos
    [An essay of advocacy in scholarship by Harvard University scholar Elisabeth Schüssler Fiorenza.]
  • Hulda - Feminist Theology
    [A Christian feminist theological orientation at a site available maintained by Rebecca Unsoeld in English and in German.]
  • Julia White
    [Writings of Julia White, honoring Native American women.]
  • Yoni - Gateway to the Feminine
    [Artistically-designed site representing multiple aspects of the female body and person.]

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