Directories of Psychology Sites

  • Athabasca University Psychology Resources (Athabasca U., Canada)
    [Topical heading arranged in table for easy access.]
  • Cognitive and Psychological Sciences on the Internet (Stanford U., USA) (U. Essex, UK)
    [An index to Internet resources relevant to research in cognitive science and psychology that is maintained in parallel at Essex and Stanford. Not intended to cover clinical psychology, psychiatry, on-line support groups, and other practical fields related to mental health.]
  • Narrative Psychology
    [This page focuses upon narrative perspectives in psychology and allied disciplines and provides an interdisciplinary guide to bibliographical, pedagogical, and Internet resources concerned with "the storied nature of human conduct" (Sarbin, 1986) broadly conceived. It also archives materials from the course, PSY 444 Narrative Psychology, at Le Moyne College.]
  • Neuropsychology Central
    [Creative design and background sound mark (or mar) this keyword searchable site maintained by J. N. Browndyke, M.A. Extensive lists of links, topically organized, with very few annotations.]
  • Neuroscience
    [A component of the World-Wide Web Virtual Library that provides current links and information. Maintained at the Cornell University Medical College.]
  • Neurosciences on the Internet (USA) (UK) (Australia)
    [Searchable resource site maintained by Neil A. Busis, M.D.]
  • PsychNET (APA, USA)
    [The web resources page for the American Psychological Association.]
  • PsychRef (USA)
    [No longer actively maintained, but numerous linked resources.]
  • Psych Web (USA)
    [A site with "lots of psychology-related information for students and teachers of psychology." An excellent resource, maintained by Russell A. Dewey, and not to be confused with another searchable site called Psychweb.]
  • Psychological Online Documents (U. Bonn, Germany)
    [A topically organized set of links and resources.]
  • Psychology Graduate School Progams
    [Geographically organized links to programs.]
  • Psychology Jumping Stand (Indiana U. East, USA)
    [Most of the "usual suspects" interestingly presented.]
  • Psychology of Language Links
    [Maintained by Roger Kreuz at The University of Memphis.]
  • PsycSite
    [Motto: "The Internet Resource for The Science of Psychology Since 1995." Maintained by Ken Stange.]
  • Resources for Psychology and Cognitive Sciences on the Internet (Shinshu University, Nagano, Japan)
    [Topically organized links and keyword search facility.]
  • Sleep Medicine Home Page
    [Extensive links.]
  • Social Cognition Paper Archive and Information Center
    [Maintained by Eliot R. Smith at Purdue University.]
  • Social Psychology Network (USA)
    [Useful resources here include a ranked and linked list of Psychology Ph.D. programs in the U. S. and Clinical Psychology programs, too.]
  • Sport and Exercise Psychology
    [A clearly organized short list of web links.]
  • Yahoo! Psychology Index
    [A collection of links from a major commercial index of the internet. See also the Open Source directory.]

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