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  • APA Journals
    [A page of links to information about American Psychology Association journals.]
  • Electronic journals - Psychology (St. Andrews U., UK)
  • Neurosciences on the Internet: Electronic Journals
  • Psychological Online Documents: Online Journals (U. Bonn, Germany)

    General Indexes of Journals including Internet E-Journals
  • Australian Journals Online (Australia)
    [A current listing of Australian electronic journals, magazines, webzines, etc.]
  • Electronic Journal and Learned Societies Project
    [A British project to put journals online.]
  • e-zine-list
    [A directory of electronic journals and magazines, accessible via the Web, Gopher, FTP, email, or other services. Alphabetical by title, can be browsed by keyword. Previously maintained by John Labovitz, now orphaned but still of some value.]
  • New Jour
    [An archive for a major list of electronic journals and newsletters available on the Internet.]
  • Scholarly Journals Distributed Via the World Wide Web (U. Houston, USA)
    [An alphabetically organized directory that provides links to established web-based scholarly journals that offer access to English language article files without requiring user registration or fees.]

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  • Cambridge University Press: Journals
  • Sage Publications: Journals
    [Journals published by a major social science publisher.]
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    [Psychology journals from a major publisher.]

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