Psychology Books and Publishers

  • AcqWeb's Directory of Publishers and Vendors
    [Frequently updated source of links for publishers. Organized by academic area, with a separate short list of psychology publishers.]
  • Escotet International Link
    [A easily readable set of links to publishers and libraries online. Maintained by Miguel Angel Escotet.]
  • Publishers World-Wide Web Virtual Library
    [Useful set of links maintained by J. P. Bowen of the University of Reading in Great Britain.]

    Web Sites of Individual Publishers
  • Guilford Press (USA)
    [Publishers of professional and trade books, videos, audio cassettes, journals and newsletters, and software in psychology and psychiatry, social work, education, communications, geography, and social theory.]
  • McGraw Hill
    [A major publisher of textbooks.]
  • W. W. Norton & Company (USA)
    [A publisher with a distinguished backlist in personality theory and current textbooks in several areas of academic psychology.]
  • Routledge (UK)
  • Routledge New York (USA)
    [A major trans-Atlantic publishing house, with many books in the social sciences.]
  • Sage Publications
    [An international publisher specializing in the social sciences and social theory, particularly useful for social psychology. Sage, for instance, is publisher of the influential Handbook of Qualitative Research edited by Norman K. Denzin and Yvonna S. Lincoln.]

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