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Translations of the Chuang-tzu

  • Nan-hua ching in English
  • The Sacred books of China: The texts of Taoism, translated by James Legge (New York, Dover Publications, 1962).
  • The complete works of Chuang Tzu, translated by Burton Watson (New York, Columbia University Press, 1968).

    Selections from Nan-hua ching in English
  • Chuang-tzu: the seven inner chapters and other writings from the book Chuang-tzu, translated by A[ngus] C[harles] Graham (London Boston, Allen & Unwin. 1981).
  • Graham, A[ngus] C[harles], Chuang-tzu: textual notes to a partial translation (London: University of London School of Oriental and African Studies, 1982).
  • The way of Chuang-tzu, by Thomas Merton (New York: New Directions, 1969).
  • Yu-lan Fung, Chuang-tzu: a new selected translation with an exposition of the philosophy of Kuo Hsiang, (2nd ed., New York: Paragon Book Reprint, 1964).
  • Wu, Kuang-ming, Chuang tzu: world philosopher at play (New York: Crossroad Publishing Company, 1982).

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