Buddhist Traditions

  • 10 Bulls
    [Ten "ox herding pictures" as translated by Nyogen Senzaki and Paul Reps, illustrated by Tomikichiro Tokuriki, and put up on the web by Jamie Andrews with permission from the copyright holder -- the Charles E. Tuttle publishing company -- which has a book version in print.]
  • Buddhism - Wikipedia
    [A general introduction to Buddhism, with links to resources, from the "people's encyclopedia."]
  • Buddhist Studies World-Wide Web Virtual Library
    [A short list of briefly annotated site links. Maintained by Dr. T. Matthew Ciolek in Australia.]
  • Digital Dictionary of Buddhism (Japan)
    [Includes text names, personal names, and place names. Edited by Dr. A. Charles Muller.]
  • Digital Buddhist Library and Museum (National Taiwan U.)
    [A major resource in English and in Chinese.]
  • Government of Tibet in Exile
    [The Central Tibetan Administration (in exile). Offers news relating to the fate of Tibet, background information on Tibet's status, and information on Tibet's traditional culture.]
  • H-Buddhism
    [The Buddhist Scholars Information Network, an internet discussion list and resource bank.]
  • Mahabodhi
    [A set of resources and links to other sites that is sponsored by the non-profit Mahabodhi Maitri Mandala in America, located in Los Angeles.]
  • Resources for East Asian Language and Thought
    [A rich collection of resources is provided here by Dr. A. Charles Muller.]
  • A Short Guide to Tibetan Buddhism
    [Basic information on the four major schools or subtraditions of Nyigma, Kagyu, Sakya, and Geluk as well as other Buddhist and non-Buddhist traditions. Site maintained by Jack Churchward.]
  • Soto Zen Buddhist Association
    [An association of teachers and centers.]
  • Zen Buddhism World-Wide Web Virtual Library
    [An extensive set of topically-organized links, maintained by T. Matthew Ciolek in Australia. Topics include: General Resources, Zen Koans, Zen People and Their Lives, Twentieth-Century Zen Buddhism Teachings, Zen Documents and Writings, Zen Electronic Newsletters and Journals, Zen Organizations and Institutions, and Directories of Practice Centers.]