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About this Web Site

This web site offers information about religious traditions that appeared at first in the Middle East or West Asia as well as ones from South and East Asia. (Traditions from Africa will take a place among them in future.) There are authorized copies of resources from two contributing scholars, too:

1) Research on the German historian of religion and theologian Rudolf Otto (1869-1937) by Gregory D. Alles.

2) The Fondarosa, a mirror of the original site in Ottawa that contains essays written by Marc Fonda.

If you are a journalist rather than student of religions, please consult religionsource and religionlink. If you are simply are in a hurry, and do not like to be troubled by details, then see the Big Religion Chart or the CIA World Factbook. If you need a quick reflection of your own preferred religious orientation, then try Belief-O-Matic. To stimulate your thinking about controversial matters involving religion, see the Religion Dispatches blog.

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