Acupuncture, Alchemy, Feng Shui

  • Acupuncture.Com
    [A contemporary practitioner's perspective on acupuncture in relation to traditional Chinese thought and modern variations in practice.]
  • Tao of Healing
    [An introduction to Taoism from the standpoint of traditional Chinese assumptions about health and healing.]

  • The Golden Elixir Home Page
    [A scholarly site with interesting and useful resources on Taoism and Chinese alchemy, including research papers. Fabrizio Pregadio, a scholar of Taoist alchemy, maintains the site.]
  • The Alchemy Virtual Library
    [A comprehensive site for resources, texts, and research information on alchemy and alchemical writings across traditions.]

  • Feng Shui Gate (USA)
    [Essays on the origin and history of Feng Shui by Stephen L. Field.]

    Organizations: Societies and Schools
  • American Feng Shui Institute (Monterey Park, California, USA)
    [Founded in 1991, the American Feng Shui Institute claims to be the only center in the West that is dedicated to teaching the practice of Feng Shui as a scientific discipline. On the basis of reason, the Institute teaches the ancient tradition of utilizing Feng Shui as a tool for creating harmony, good health, wealth, and peace of mind.]
  • The Feng Shui Guild (Boulder, Colorado, USA)
    [The site offers a limited selection of articles and information. This is a membership organization which has the purpose to promote the use, practice, and teaching of feng shui in the modern West and worldwide.]
  • The Feng Shui Society (Camberley, Surrey, UK)
    [Established in 1993 as an unincorporated, non-profit making association formed to advance Feng Shui principles and concepts as a contribution to the creation of harmonious environments for individuals and society in general. A good selection of links to other Feng Shui sites.]
  • GEO - Geomancy/Feng Shui Education Organization (San Francisco, California, USA)
    ["GEO was formed at the specific request of Professor Lin Yun, the world's foremost Feng Shui Master and teacher of the majority of American Feng Shui practioners. He has designated GEO authoritative in consulting and education and a resource for his students."]
  • Liu-Fengshui
    [A commercial consultation and advisory site.]

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