Introductions to Taoism or Daoism

  • General Orientation
  • Taoism
    [An encyclopedia entry from Wikipedia.]
  • Taoism, or the Way
    [An academic introduction written by Chad Hansen for the Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy.]

    History and Canon
  • The Taoist Tradition: A Historical Outline
    [A short but informative academic paper by Russell Kirkland, a Professor of Religion at the University of Georgia.]
  • The Daoist Canon
    [An introduction by Professor David K. Jordan.]
  • The Golden Elixir
    [Fabrizio Pregadio's guide to Taoism.]

    Images, Books, and Bibliographies
  • Recommended Reading
    [A basic list of recent books in English. Recommended for beginners, students, and others who want more detailed information and more advanced interpretation of Taoism.]

    Chinese History and Culture
  • Calabash Gate: In a Calabash, a Chinese Myth of Origins
    [An introduction and translation by Stephen L. Field. Requires patient attention.]
  • Classical Historiography for Chinese History
    [An extensive set of resources, some of them for advanced students, provided by Professor Benjamin A. Elman at the University of California at Los Angeles.]
  • Condensed China
    [Chinese History for Beginners, provided by Paul Frankenstein, is not a complete history of China, but is an very useful "greatest hits" or "Cliff's Notes" that is a starting-point for the beginner or quick review for the forgetful.]
  • Internet East Asian History Sourcebook
    [A large set of linked resources on China, its cultures and religions, in the context of its geographical setting.]

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