Taoism and Martial Arts

  • Philosophy and Teachings
  • Taoism and the Philosophy of Tai Chi Chuan (Canada)
    [A useful site at Chebucto Community Net in Dalhousie, Nova Scotia. Slow to load, but worth a look for its clear outline, illustrations, and resources.]
  • How to Overcome without Fighting (USA)
    [A paper by Key Sun of Central Washington University on a Taoist approach to conflict-resolution. This is an especially appropriate resource in the context of martial arts — which are best when not needed in a situation of conflict.]
  • The Tai Chi Site
    [An extensive list of web links to sites relating to Tai Chi and other martial arts.]
  • Journal of Asian Martial Arts
    [General and subscription information about a print journal devoted to martial arts topics.]

    Training Schools and Societies
  • International Taoist Tai Chi Society
    [A volunteer-run non-profit charitable organization dedicated to bringing Taoist Tai Chi and other health promoting Taoist arts to the public. The Society has grown to over 500 branches on five continents.]
  • List of Tai Chi Links
    [A long list of links to Tai Chi sites compiled by Lee N. Scheele.]
  • Patience Tai Chi Association (USA)
    [The short form as transmitted by the late master Cheng Man-Ching and currently taught by William Phillips.]
  • Peter Lim's Taijiquan Resource Page (Singapore)
    [A practitioner's views on the tradition and contemporary practice for combat.]
  • Tai Chi Foundations and School of Tai Chi Chuan
    [This school continues the tradition of Cheng Man-Ching as passed through Patrick Watson.]

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