Taoism and Modernity

  • Taoist traditional institutions in China have been neglected in recent decades and could benefit from international support. People outside China, including non-Chinese, now seek to engage in practices traditionally associated with Taoism. These may look like opposite concerns, but are not opposed to one another. New teaching and service organizations have been founded to respond to them. The following are examples.

    Preserving the Heritage
  • Center of Traditional Taoist Studies
    [With a center in Weston, Massachusetts, and others in Shanghai and Moscow, this site offers a virtual temple and several other resources of interest to people seeking ways to preserve the heritage.]
  • Taoist Restoration Society
    [According to information at the site: "The Taoist Restoration Society is a U.S. nonprofit corporation dedicated to the rehabilitation and rebirth of China's Taoist tradition. We are not interested in exporting, altering, or Westernizing Taoism, nor in gaining converts to any religious cause. The Taoist Restoration Society believes that it is vital that we protect the world's vanishing cultures and ancient traditions. Those of us who deeply respect and appreciate China's ancient Taoist tradition must act now, while modern chaos and destruction are still reversible."]

    Expanding the Practice
  • The International Healing Tao
    [This is a system of training and set of resources (some commercial) that have been developed from the teachings of Master Mantak Chia. The description supplied on the web page indicates: "The Healing Tao is a practical system of self-development that enables the individual to complete the harmonious evolution of the physical, mental and spiritual planes and the achievement of spiritual independence." The Master tours the world, and courses are offered in Asia, Europe, and North America. Information is available in English and Dutch.]
  • Center for Taoist Studies
    [A North American study center.]
  • Western Reform Taoism
    [Founded by Michael J. Torley, the WRTC promises to be an interesting new venture that relies on Taoist inspiration and teachings for living in the modern world. The site, part of which is currently under construction, is clearly organized and attractively designed.]

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