Chinese Philosophy

  • Primarily English-Language Resources
  • Classical Chinese Philosophy Page
    [This set of resources was developed by the late John Knoblock who was chair of the Department of Philosophy at the University of Miami, Florida, USA.]
  • Chinese Philosophy
    [A short introduction from the popular Wikipedia site.]
  • Chad Hansen's Chinese Philosophy Pages
    [At The University of Hong Kong, the American-born philosopher Chad Hansen offers a selection of his writings and translations that indicate one style of current interpretation of traditional Taoist (Daoist) texts and ways of thinking. He provides a reading of Lao-tzu (Laozi) that is not easy, but is important.]
  • A. Charles Muller: Self-introduction
    [Introduction to his scholarly work with links to some of his publications that are available online.]
  • Essential Readings on Chinese Philosophy
    [A well-organized and well-annotated list of important primary and secondary works available in English translation. The author is Bryan W. Van Norden who teaches in the Philosophy Department at Vassar College, USA.]
  • Philosophy and Religion in China
    [From the Chinese Culture program at Brooklyn College.]
  • Resources for the Study of East Asian Language and Thought
    [These are resources for the most part supplied (and a few linked) by Dr. A. Charles Muller. There are several kinds of useful materials here, but chief among them for their relevance to philosophical Taoism are Dr. Muller's own translations of six Chinese classics: Analects of Confucius, Great Learning, Doctrine of the Mean, Mencius, Tao Te Ching, and Zhaungzi.]
  • Chris Fraser's Chinese Philosophy Links
    [A useful set of links to resources by Chris Fraser of the Department of Philosophy at the University of Hong Kong.]

    Primarily Chinese-Language Resources
  • Chinese Classics
    [A topically organized set of resources in several Chinese language formats.]

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