The Sun-Tzu or Sunzi Art of War

  • The Text and Selections in Translation
  • Introduction to the Sun-tzu
    [An introduction by Lionel Giles to his translation.]
  • The Sun-tzu
    [Translation, with commentary, by Lionel Giles. There is also a highly legible rendering from the World Cultures pages at Evansville University.]
  • The Sun-tzu in English and Chinese
    [A copy of the Giles translation at China Page, in which each chapter is hyper-linked to the corresponding Chinese text.]
  • The Sun-tzu with Reader's Comments
    [A translation from the Classical Server at MIT, with comments from contemporary readers.]
  • Sun Tzu The Art of War Strategy Site
    [A new translation complemented by other resources for people who are interested in applying the text.]
  • Extracts from The Sun-tzu
    [Translated extracts from the text, available at a copy of the old site earlier posted by Thigpen.]
  • Sun-tzu in Chinese Characters
    [From the excellent Zhongwen.Com web site. No special software or web browser setup is required.]
  • Chinese Culture Core Course at Brooklyn College
    [An extensive set of course resources and links that would complement the study of the Sun-tzu.]

    Contemporary Applications of The Sun-tzu
  • The Thirty-Six Strategies of Ancient China
    ["Timeless proverbs on the art of being cunning" that complement the Sun-tzu and that promote a printed book by author Stefan Verstappen, too.]
  • Strategies and Tactics
    [The Art of War as applied to investment portfolio and risk management.]
  • Understanding Sun-tzu on the Art of War
    [Interpretation of Sun Tzu for military, business, and legal professionals.]

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