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  • Selected Religion-Oriented Forums or Newsgroups

    (Note: There are hundreds of these, some of them short-lived. The following list is intended to be illustrative, but does not pretend to be representative nor comprehensive. Also see the list of lists supported by Maelstrom.)

    [An electronic discussion list devoted to Cultural Studies.]
    [A Centering Prayer Discussion List.]
    [An archived and unmoderated list for discussion of meditative practices and experiences, reviews of relevant books and literature, as well as postings on related subjects, such as Qabalah, and so forth. The mailing list is intended to be a vehicle for creating an Internet-based community of practitioners of Jewish meditation. To subscribe send e-mail to [email protected] with subscribe DEVEKUT in the body of the message.]
    [A "virtual academy" of Kabbalah for students, teachers and practioners who have a particular interest in, or wish to learn about, the lives and legacies of the 17th century Jewish avatar, Sabbatai Zevi and his 18th century spiritual heir, Jacob Frank. There is also a moderated discussion list called DONMEH which is under the same management of Yakov Leib haKohain (Lawrence G. Corey, PhD). The DONMEH-WEST link provides information about his background.]
    [An edited and moderated list with a large membership, intended for study of the influence of religion in American (= mainly United States) history and society.]
    [A moderated e-mail discussion list from the University of Illinois (USA) which is intended especially for college and university faculty who are teaching a course of the history of the Holocaust.]
    No web page
    [A mailing list to discuss all aspects of Insight Meditation (Vipassana). To subscribe send e-mail to [email protected] with subscribe INSIGHT in the body of the message.]
    [A virtual community of scholars engaged in on-line discussion of Judaism in the Greco-Roman world. The current IOUDAIOS-L list reopened December 20, 1997. It is receiving subscription requests at the web site linked above.]
    [The list, opened in January 1998, is archived by month. The archived messages indicate the flavor of the list: sincere, devotional, offering support for practitioners of the Christian way across sub-traditions. It is maintained by Richard Shrout in Miami, Florida. To subscribe, send a message to [email protected] with the word 'Subscribe' in the message text (not the subject line).]
  • Jewish Studies Network (JSN)
    [One of the oldest Internet projects in the humanities, initially operating under the name Judaica/He'Asif, starting in February 1989, operating out of Tel Aviv University. In 1991, the network moved to the U. of Minnesota, and in 1993 it became part of the H-Net Consortium in collaboration with the Shamash Project.]
    [Send a to [email protected] in order to subscribe to this forum on Merton and the contemplative life. The body of the message should contain only the command subscribe MERTON-L followed by your first and last name. See the web page linked above for details about the three distinctive "channels" for special interest in living spirituality, Merton and monasticism, or other academic concerns.]
    [Moderated by David A. Salomon at the Black Hills State University in Spearfish, South Dakota, this is the leading academic e-mail forum for scholarly discussion of texts by mystics and of related matters.]
    [An international electronic discussion group focusing on the history and contemporary concerns of women religious (sisters and nuns). Founded in July 1994, it now has about 1000 subscribers throughout the world.]
  • SUFI Lists and Newsgroups
    [A set of links to Sufism resources including discussion lists and newsgroups.]

    Search Facilities and Lists of E-Mail Discussion Lists

    (Note: If you did not find an e-mail forum or newsgroup in the selected list above that is the kind that you are seeking, then the following search facilities may be of help.)

  • Directory of Scholarly and Professional E-Conferences
    [Extensive and keyword searchable (try Religious Studies) list of forums and conferences that are likely to be of interest to students and other scholars. Compiled by a team headed by Diane K. Kovacs.]
  • H-NET Discussion Networks
    [Academic discussion e-mail forums in a wide variety of Humanities and related fields that are supported by the national Humanities server at Michigan State University (USA) are linked from here. Their motto: "Over 100 E-mail lists spanning various fields of study."]
  • Topica Mailing-List Directory
    [Keyword searchable database of newsgroups and e-mail discussion forums.]
  • Publicly Accessible Mailing Lists: Sources for Information about Mailing Lists
    [A short list of links established in 2001, but several of continuing value.]
  • Shortlist of E-Mail Forums for Theologians
    [A searchable database maintained by Michael Fraser in the UK.]
  • Tile.Net/Lists
    [A keyword searchable data base containing information about a wide range of e-mail lists and newsgroups.]
  • Women-Related Religion/Spirituality Lists
    [An annotated list of e-mail groups oriented toward discussion of women, religion, and spirituality. Provided by Joan Korenman at the University of Maryland, Baltimore County (USA), who also offers a list of Gender-Related Electronic Forums that are not restricted to discussion related to religion or spirituality. Both lists are part of a web site called Women's Studies Online Resources.]

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