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These Web pages are for people interested in the imagination. You must understand that "the literal is the enemy" (James Hillman) and that words about the imagination represent an inadequate imaginal technology, unless used as poetry. I might do that here, but there are no promises.

All the thoughts contained within these pages are unoriginal. For, as you will learn, everything we imagine is somehow tied to past experience. Hence, there are no true original imaginings, in the capital 'O' sense of the word. To be Original is to create things out of nothingness (creatio ex nihilio) and this is an impossibility for humans.

While these thoughts are not wholly my own, they are expressed through the craft of my hard-won skill with the subject and with the words (and occasional images) I use to mold them. I invite you to explore my thoughts as they appear and make comments as you will - for the imagination is both personal and communal.

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