Reviews and Resources on Imagination

Reviews and Resources on Imagination

Primordial Imagination by Christopher Hills.
Review of Hills Primordial Imagination

The Catholic Encyclopedia's entry on Imagination
Review of The Catholic Encyclopedia's entry.

Books, Courses and Software, Related to Creativity
This site provides a bibliography of various resources about creativity one can purchase. If you surf around the site you'll find that it is run by an organization performing distance education and training. They even offer an online course (in HTML format) on the imagination for $199.00 US. This course seems to assume that creativity is essentially problem solving. You can get a the first lesson for free, sent to you as a 'lost leader.'

Focus on Images
This site provides point form information about the images from an scientific-psychological perspective. The site can only be viewed with your Web browser's image function turned on.

This site is inscrutable as it uses too many frames and the like causing my Web browser to crash consistently. If anyone can actually visit the site, send me a note about it!

Imagination Engines
This multiple frame site (God(dess) these guy's challenge your sense of aesthetics) is a showcase for the companies products which are Neural Network based tools/machines that are claimed to be creative, and self-teaching. The site includes a lot of information about the philosophy of their approach in the development of artificial intelligence. Even if they never achieve and artificial creativity or imagination, the work they do is reflecting how the human imagination works to some degree. This should be the next site I review.

Knowledge and Imagination by Meher Baba
Excerpted from The Path of Love this is a short statement that notes that the imagination can never encompass god, because he/she is infinite. This is an Easter perspective which indicates that it is only through 'knowledge of eternity' that one can understand the infinity of the divine. Such knowledge only comes when the imagination is exhausted and the mind 'disappears' and is freed from its images does one come to this 'knowledge'.

Schiller's Of the Sublime
This essay is said to be an elaboration of some Kantian ideas.

The Imagination Home Page
This site is sponsored by students and faculty at Bogazici University in Istanbul, Turkey. They claim to sponsor a journal about the imagination (nothing new since August 1996), include an 'art gallery', and have links to other resources. They also have a discussion group which, from my brief encounter with it, is more about playing word games than it is in exploring theoretical issues regarding the imagination.

Soul Loss & Soul Making by Kabir Helminski
If you like Henri Corbin's work on Sufi mysticism, you'll be in for a treat. This essay is excerpted from a book in progress. It criticizes psychological approaches to the imagination that tend to see the imagination as the 'playground of the gods' requiring, instead, a purified heart.

This page provides some commentary on how the imagination was posited by thinkers on sensibility in Eighteenth-century. It also includes a number of promising links for theoretical explorations of the imagination and its reactions to the senses.

The importance of imagination during pregnancy
This site is a Web-based discussion group through which people interested in the role of imagination during pregnancy can communicate with one another.

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