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My dissertation, defended April 28, 1995, is entitled "Examining the New Polytheism: A Critical Assessment of the Concepts of Self and Gender in Archetypal Psychology."

This is the first and, thus far, only public edition (nose thumbing
at ContentVille.comn and UMI Theses) of this work.

You can view an Abstract of the dissertation
or look at the Table of Contents.

At this point, I can also offer the Introduction,
the first , second, and third
chapters in HTML.

The first two chapters are a summation of James Hillman's archetypal psychology with a critical eye to his conceptualization of self, soul, imagination, gender, and aesthetics. The third chapter is a look at some contemporary feminist thinkers (most from the United States) who are also arguing for an alternate notion of selfhood. I look at Catherine Keller, Starhawk, Julia Kristeva, and several other feminist thinkers to further my argument that an alternative notion of selfhood is emerging today.

The manuscript was reviewed by Additions SR and has been accepted
for competition/publication pending lots of revisions.

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