Table of Contents: Examing the New Polytheism

Table of Contents

Introduction: Archetypal Psychology, Gender, and Self

Chapter One: Archetypal Theory and the Construction of Self

  1. The Imaginal Self

  2. The Fantasies at the Root of Psychology: Medicine, Philosophy, and Christian Theology

  3. Polytheism as an Alternate Paradigm for Psychology

Chapter Two: Imagination and Aesthetics: The Language of the Soul

  1. The Imaginal Field: Casey and Corbin

  2. Aesthetics: The Road to Making Soul

  3. From Soul to Community: Returning Heart and Soul to the World

Chapter Three: The Feminist Critique of the Separated Self

  1. The Mind-Body Split as the Basis of Self

    1. Separation in Western Traditions: The Philosophical Roots

    2. Separation in Western Traditions: Mythological and Theological Roots

    3. Separation in Western Traditions: The Psychology of Separatism

  2. The Solution: Defeating the Separated Hero

Chapter Four: The Mind-Body Problematic in Archetypal Psychology: Toward a Semiotic Imagination

  1. The Problematic of Selfhood as Indicated by the Mind-Body Separation

  2. Bodily Imagination: Kristeva's Semiotic vis--vis Hillman's Imaginal

  3. Discussion: Imagination Theorized from the Body

Chapter Five: Selfhood in a Postmodern Context

Conclusion: Summary of Contents and a Tentative Articulation of a Postmodern Concept of Self


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