Freud, Sigmund The Standard Edition of the Complete Psychological Works of Sigmund Freud. Pre-Psychoanalytical Works and Unpublished Drafts. Vol. 1. Translated by James Strachey. London: the Hogarth Press, 1966.

Vol. 1\1886-1899\Pre-psychoanalytic\Hysteria\Suggestion\Hypnosis\ Anxiety Neurosis\Fliess\Paranoia\`Defense`\Letters\

As the title states, this text is composed of Freud`s writings previous to the `official` beginning of the psycho-analytic movement. Hence, the papers found in this volume are more medically oriented than Freud`s later writings.

One feature of notice is the `General Preface for the Standard Edition`, written by Strachey, which outlines the organizational plan etc. of the Standard Edition (S.E.).

The `General Preface for the Standard Edition` includes comments on the following:

  1. scope of the S.E.;
  2. plan of the S.E. (which is more or less chronological);
  3. on the German sources;
  4. commentaries;
  5. cross references;
  6. notes which explain Freud`s remarks; and,
  7. the translations.

The contents of volume 1 are as follows:

Part II: Psychopathology (P. 347):

When the generation of affect inhibits a thought, it does so through the facts that (a) many paths of thought are forgotten which would ordinarily come into account and (b) in the affect pathways of thought, which lead to the discharge of the affect, are normally avoided. Therefore, 1) when there is a releases of the affect there is an accompanying increase in the intensity of the idea, and (2) the main function of the ego is avoiding fresh affective processes and in the reduction of the old affective facilitations. That is, the ego permits the release of unpleasure through memory (the primary process) and not through perception (as is usually the case) because is arousal was unexpected.

Part III: Attempt to Represent Normal Perceptual Processes:

This section attempts to do as the title suggests but does it purely along mechanistic lines. Also, this section is left incomplete.

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