June 1997 

 Who is RKKODY?
Rkkody, pronounced Rick-o'-de, is the name given to me by my Older members "Ti and DO" when I was adopted by the Next level.  The name of the vehicle I presently occupy is "Chuck Humphrey." While I prefer to be called Rkk (Rick), I continue to use the name Chuck when interacting and relating to this world.


    On May 5th, 1997, Wayne Cooke (Jstody - pronounced Just-o'-de) and I entered a motel room in Encinitas Ca, and proceeded in an attempt to "exit" our human vehicles (what humans term- commit suicide). 

    Wayne (Jstody), was successful in that he did leave his "dead" vehicle in that motel room. I  was no so fortunate as my vehicle was still "barely" alive when we were found by the sheriff's department. 

    At first I could not figure out what happened.  Why did I not go with Wayne and the others?  What happened to me in that motel room during that 20 hours.  A thousand questions went through my mind as I awakened from the coma.

spiral galaxy
    Only recently I have started to awaken to become more aware of what really happened in my "failed attempt to exit..   I now know  that I did leave this vehicle for a while.  I am sure that I (my soul), met with my Older member  before returning to re-inhabit this vehicle. 

    When I attempted to leave, I knew beyond a showdow of a doubt that I and Wayne had permission to exit when we did.  I know that I still have permission to leave, and that while I was "out" of this body I was given a choice to come back to this vehicle,  or stay in the keeping of the Next Level.  As much as I don't care to be here, I still chose to return to this vehicle for reasons I am still awakening to. 

    I was in a coma in the hospital and awoke some two days after that event.  I was not at all pleased when I realized I was still here. 

    I am aware that I do have a lot of overcoming left to do before I will be acceptable as a member of the Next Level.  One of the things I can do while still on this planet is continue that overcoming process and work to gain more control over this vehicle.  Secondly, there is an abundance of  information that was left behind by Do and the class, and if the Next Level can use me to help make that information available to those who might be inclined to explore it, then I will do my best to insure it remains in tact and widely available. 

    It is with this end in mind that I have decided to use this web site to help make more information available.   There are hundreds of audio cassette tapes that the class made over the 22 years of their being here.  These tapes were the core teachings of Ti and Do and contain volumes of information about the Next Level that no human has ever before been exposed to.  I want to make these tapes available to anyone who sincerely wants to hear them by using this web site and a newsletter format to distribute these tapes. 

    See learn how you might have access to these  Audio Tapes  click here. 

    I also plan to publish a book titled  Return from Heaven's Gate which I hope to make available within a few months. 

    What is Right to Know?
    Do called me one day in December 1996 and asked if I would like to help them by opening up a mail box under the name of Right to Know.  I eagerly complied and set up a mail stop with that name.  

    The group used that name when arranging with vendors and other people who needed an address.  Before the group made their exit I had asked them about formalizing the name with a business entity and they agreed.  I then created a business name of Right to Know at the address shown on this site.  

    Anyone who wants to get their materials can send their requests and make their checks payable to Right to Know.

To Send an Email Use:   [email protected]