Hindu Traditions

  • Gateway to India
    [Resources and links, maintained by ecologically sensitive Prakash Arumugam in Giessen, Germany.]
  • Harappa Multimedia
    [Beautifully designed pages (in fact something of a visual and aural feast) that introduce the arts and cultures of India prior to 1947. Perhaps a bit too romantic for some tastes, but a resource that counters some negative stereotypes even while encouraging its own forms of nostalgia. See especially A Walk through Mohenjo Daro.]
  • Hindu Temples
    [Photos by Dr. Vasudha Narayanan of the University of Florida.]
  • The Kumbh Mela Home Page: Hindu Pilgrimage in Contemporary India
    [A remarkable phenomenon - one of the largest gatherings in human history - reported by J. E. Llewellyn of Southwestern Missouri State University.]
  • Languages and Scripts of India
    [This site at Colorado State University was established by someone who quite evidently loves the languages of India and their legend and lore as well as their history and cultural significance. A wide variety of links to related sites are provided as well.]
  • Sanskrit Documents
    [A source for Sanskrit-language texts, some of them directly relevant to study of Hinduism beyond the basic level. See also Sanskrit Texts and Stotras.]
  • Shiva Shakti Mandalam
    [A colorful and informative presentation of traditional texts, yantric diagrams, and other basic information about a neglected and often misunderstood aspect of Hindu tradition.]
  • Vedavid
    [A large, visually rich, site developed by John Gardner.]
  • Wikipedia: Hinduism
    [An article in the open-source "people's encyclopedia."]
  • Traditional Yoga Studies
    [A site inspired by the work of the late Georg A. Feuerstein (1947-2012).]

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