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  • ARIL/CrossCurrents Online
    [Print journal, with extracts online, from The Association for Religion and Intellectual Life. Editor and ARIL director is Charles Henderson, a Presbyterian minister. The organization and journal have an ecumenical Christian orientation. Their headquarters is at the College of New Rochelle, New York (USA); and they have a well-developed web site that is a useful resource for information on the internet and religion.]
  • Catholic World
    [Digitized issues of the print journal, from 1844 to 1901.]
  • DISKUS - Web Edition
    [A pioneering electronic journal edited by Brian Bocking. (See the listing for the Internet Journal of Religion below.)]
  • Electronic Journal of Vedic Studies
    [Electronic journal. Editor-in-chief: Michael Witzel. Managing editor: Enrica Garzilli. Open to all bona fide scholars in Vedic Studies. Publishes articles, abstracts, reviews, and news about conferences, etc.]
  • Esoterica: Journal of Esoteric Studies
    [Peer-reviewed academic journal that deals with initiatory spiritual groups.]
  • Hindu Studies Review
    [Electronic journal. Editors: Arvind Sharma and George M. Williams. The journal is devoted "to scholarly discourse about Hinduism, to overcoming misconceptions which characterize its study, and to report research about what Hinduism was, is and may become. Hindu Studies Review will review articles, books and creations which reflect the sloka/loka dichotomy of sanatana dharma/dharma."]
  • International Journal of Hindu Studies
    [Print journal. Editor: Sushil Mittal. The web site includes: table of contents (volume 1, number 1, April 1997 - to date), abstracts of articles, list of members of the editorial board, editor and publisher addresses, information needed by prospective subscribers, contributors, and advertisers.]
  • International Journal of Tantric Studies
    [Electronic journal. Editor-in-chief: Enrica Garzilli. Managing Editor: Michael Witzel. Open to all bona fide scholars in Tantric Studies in Sanskrit, Bengali, Tibetan, Chinese, Japanese, etc. Particular attention given the Trika schools of Kashmir. Aims to publish on Tantras, Agamas, Samhitas; but this includes philosophy of language, of knowledge, aesthetics, rhetorics, and other implied or entailed topics.]
  • Internet Journal of Religion
    [A site that now incorporates three publications (also separately linked from this page): (1) DISKUS, (2) the Marburg Journal of Religion, and (3) Science of Religion, with associated links to (4) The Journal of Southern Religion, (5) Journal of Buddhist Ethics, and (6) Journal of Global Buddhism. In short, it is an extraordinarily useful linking page for academic journals in Religion.]
  • ISKCON Communications Journal
    [Print publication of the International Society for Krishna Consciousness, includes several issues online. Useful for study of new religious movements.]
  • Jewish Studies Judaica eJournal
    [JSJeL is a monthly electronic journal that deals with current research in Jewish Studies. It is published by H-Net in conjunction with the Shamash Project of the New York State Educational Research Network.]
  • Journal of Buddhist Ethics
    [Electronic journal. General editors: Damien Keown and Charles S. Prebish. Description: the first academic journal dedicated entirely to Buddhist ethics, innovative in adopting a totally electronic mode of publication. In most other respects, a traditional scholarly journal. Submission of research articles, discussions, are critical notes is welcome but will be subject to blind review.]
  • Journal for Cultural and Religious Theory
    [A peer-reviewed electronic journal devoted to "disciplinary and interdisciplinary scholarship of a cutting-edge nature that deals broadly with the phenomenon of religion and cultural theory."]
  • Journal of Religion and Film
    [Electronic journal. Edited by William L. Blizek and Ronald R. Burke from the Department of Philosophy and Religion at the University of Nebraska at Omaha.]
  • Journal of Religion and Society
    [An electronic journal for study of social dimensions of religious phenomena and traditions. From the Center for the Study of Religion and Society at Creighton University in Omaha, Nebraska (USA).]
  • Journal of Religious Ethics
    [Print journal. Self-described as "Neither a tradition-specific journal of social ethics nor a tradition-neutral journal of philosophical ethics, JRE offers serious ethical reflection set in the context of specific religious traditions and communities. The journal seeks to publish essays in three domains: studies in comparative religious ethics, considerations of foundational conceptual and methodological issues in religious ethics, and historical studies of influential figures and texts."]
  • Journal of South Asia Women Studies
    [Electronic journal. Editor-in-chief: Enrica Garzilli. Aims to publish work that addresses both theoretical and practical issues of interest to scholars of South Asia and to women in and from South Asia. Seeks to promote international debate and to make it possible for work to be available quickly. Invited topics (as related to women) include: law, civil rights, gender issues, (eco)feminism, medicine, literature, poetry, dance, etc.]
  • The Journal of Southern Religion
    [Electronic journal edited by Briane Turley at West Virginia University (USA).]
  • Manushi: A Journal about Women and Society
    [Print journal dealing with women in South Asia. Edited and published by Madhu Kishwar since 1978. The web site includes selected articles from various issues of the print journal, an interview with the founding editor, and information for prospective subscribers and contributors. Some articles have direct bearing on influences of traditional culture and religion(s) on lives of contemporary South Asian women.]
  • Marburg Journal of Religion
    [Electronic journal. Edited by Michael Pye and Richard Böhme. Published twice a year since its inaugural issue of April 1996. Excellent articles and reviews of works which have bearing on the study of religion(s) in general.]
  • The North Star
    [An electronic journal of African-American religious history.]
  • Nova Religio: The Journal of Alternative and Emergent Religions
    [A print journal published the University of California Press in USA. Editors are Catherine Wessinger and Rebecca Moore.]
  • Religion and Ethics Newsweekly
    [Actually a weekly PBS television series about religion and ethics in the news, but the web pages are nearly like a journal of popular issues.]
  • Religion and the Arts
    [A print journal "which promotes the development of discourses for exploring the religious dimensions of the verbal, visual and performing arts.]
  • Science of Religion
    [Abstracts and index of recent articles.]
  • Sojourners Online
    [Web supplement for an American Christian social action print journal.]
  • Temenos
    [Print journal published by the Finnish Society for the Study of Comparative Religion. Only Table of Contents and subscription information currently available online.]
  • Textual Reasoning
    [Online journal of the Postmodern Jewish Philosophy network.]
  • TheStrip
    [A creative project of graduate students in Religious Studies at the University of Colorado in Boulder (USA). Electronic-media journal, not just a carry-over from print medium.]
  • Union Seminary Quarterly Review
    [Electronic and print journal. An ecumenical Christian journal that publishes a wide range of religious and theological articles. Sponsored by a Protestant seminary in New York City (USA).]
  • Women in Judaism: A Multidisciplinary Journal
    [Interdisciplinary peer-reviewed e-journal. Dina Ripsman Eylon, editor.]
  • Word Trade — A Reader's Guide to Recent Books & New Media
    [An excellent review journal that is available online as well as by subscription as a print publication.]

    Collections of Links to Journal Sites and Print Bibliographies
  • Electronic Journals
    [A useful list of links maintained by Saundra Lipton at the University of Calgary.]
  • John Labovitz's E-Zine-List
    [Links to a broader range of electronic magazines of all types. The list is conveniently organized by topical key words.]
  • Register of Asian and Pacific Studies Electronic Journals
    [An annotated and hyperlinked list of serials of value for researchers in Asian and Pacific Studies.]

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