Durga tile from Gujarat 1978: artist unknown

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Tantrik Texts to download

Use your browser to download Adobe Acrobat PDF files of Hindu works and to view Sanskrit texts in their original Devanagari format. Some texts here are English language books and translations; a part of a large future archive of original tantrik material. You will need the Adobe Reader, which is free, to view the PDF files. These books and pictures are not in the public domain. Copyright remains with the authors and artists. If you wish to continue using them, you must register.

Here also you can find original tantrik texts created in PostScript format and viewable/printable if you download the Ghostscript PostScript viewer.
This fine program can be used as a Helper application with your browser and will also load Adobe PDF files. The PS tantrik files below will also become available at the excellent Sanskrit Documents in iTrans, TeX and PS formats, a site which also contains a vast number of additional original Sanskrit material, covering the gamut of Hinduism. Some also have English translations.

From this latter site, you can also obtain a very good Windows 95 program called ITranslator. This will allow you to load Sanskrit files created in iTrans format, convert it to Devanagari text and then copy and paste the text into any Windows app. This program comes with a Devanagari TTF font. All of the programs mentioned here are Freeware. For those who cannot read Devanagari script but would like a Roman version, I have also uploaded equivalents of the PS file to the FTP site here. This image is of a contemporary ceramic tile showing Durga, from Gujarat.

The Magic of Kali Sample chapters on the worship of Dakshina Kalika. (kalsamX.PDF) The whole work contains the yantras, mantras and rituals of the most famous tantrik deity, has the complete text of the Todala Tantra and uses translations from different tantras to demonstrate the importance of the tradition. This work is currently with a publisher.

The Yoni Tantra This work eulogises the yoni of the goddess. According to the Kaula tantriks, the most sacred spot in India is Kamarupa, where the genitals of the Devi fell after her body was sliced into 51 parts by the discus of Vishnu. This is the first translation into English of this important work.

The Ganapati Upanishad Upanishad of the Ganapata sect of Tantra. Originally, there were five broad schools of Tantra: the Shakta, Shaiva, Saura, Ganapata and Vaishnava. This first English translation includes a preface and explanatory material.

The Kaula Upanishad Upanishad of the Kaula sect of Tantra. The Kaulas based their precepts on this work - condemn not others - and even faulty argument may be valid, meaning that just because someone doesn't express an argument well, it doesn't mean she or he isn't right! This file is available in English translation as kaula.pdf, as well as in a Sanskrit iTrans version, kaula.txt

108 Names of Batuka Batuka is Bhairava in the form of a young lad (Skt only, batuka.ps and batuka.txt).

108 Names of Chinnamasta This file is the Sanskrit material only, viewable and printable using the Ghostscript program.

Shanaishchara Stotram A hymn to Lord Shani (Saturn), who was worshipped by the Saura Tantriks as the son of the Sun. (Skt only, shani.ps & shani.txt).

Shakti Sutras Again, just the Devanagari text (shaktisut.ps). This text complements the Shiva Sutras, found elsewhere on this site.

Shitala Ashtakam Sanskrit material. A brief work (shitala.ps) which outlines the mantras of the "smallpox" goddess Shitala.

Shri Vidya Ratna Sutras Sanskrit material. The goddesses surrounding Lalita Tripurasundari in the Chintamani Palace (.PS file only - needs Ghostscript.) This material has been translated but not yet placed on the site.

Yogavishaya Sanskrit material. PS file only - so needs Ghostscript. However, this text attributed to Matsyendranath, is in translation on this site.

Yoginihridaya The Heart of the Yogini. A text file, which GhostScript will like. A classic text of Shri Vidya, available here in a Sanskrit transliteration. Much has already been translated -- look out for a commentary and translation soon.

Other material in the FTP directory includes the Adinatha.Faq, images of sundry tantrik devatas and other material. The archive will be continually updated.

Artwork is Jan Bailey, 1995. Translations are Mike Magee 1995. Questions or comments to [email protected]

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