Religion and Film

  • Journals
  • Journal of Religion and Popular Culture
    [The journal is "a web-based, peer-reviewed journal committed to the academic exploration, analysis and interpretation, from a range of disciplinary perspectives, of the interrelations and interactions between religion and religious expression and popular culture, broadly defined as the products of contemporary mass culture."]
  • The Journal of Religion and Film
    [The statement of purpose develops and explains the brief statement that the journal "examines the description, critique, and embodiment of religion in film."]

  • Individual Films
  • Mel Gibson's "Passion of the Christ"
    [A selective set of links to resources in response to the controversial film.]
  • Review of "Saved"
    [A review by Cathleen Falsani in the Chicago Sun-Times.]

  • General Resources
  • University of Maryland Diversity Database
    [A set of links to resources on religion and film.]
  • Religion in American Film
    [A resource page from the Material History of American Religion Project.]
  • Philosophical Films
    [A site established by James Fieser of the University of Tennessee at Martin that welcomes submissions that meet the site's guidelines.]

  • College and University Courses
  • Religion and Film
    [A course taught by Amir Hussain at the California State University at Northridge.]
  • Religion and Film / Theater Syllabi
    [A collection of course syllabi from the Wabash Center for Teaching and Learning.]

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