Mithraic Traditions

  • General Background
  • Exploring Ancient World Cultures: Rome
    [The Rome section of a popular Internet introduction to ancient cultures.]
  • Rome Project
    [A a collection of Rome resources prepared at The Dalton School by Dr. Neil Goldberg, Archaeologist in Residence, and part of the Internet Classics Ring that he established.]

    Historical Introduction
  • Mithraism
    [An article by Alison B. Griffith from the Ecole Initiative in Evansville offers an introductory description of ancient Mithraism.]
  • Mitra, Mithra, Mithras Mystery
    [A short extract from the book Mithras: Mysteries and initiation rediscovered by D. Jason Cooper, along with illustration and links.]

  • Major Resource and Linking Sites
  • The Cosmic Mysteries of Mithras
    [A beautifully illustrated "scientific" approach to interpreting the ancient mysteries of Mithras by David Ulansey. In general it follows an approach pioneered in such works as Hamlet's Mill and connects the identity of Mithras and the ritual activities of his cult with celestial events.]

    Comparative and Interpretive Articles
  • Let's Keep Christ Out of Xmas!
    [A tractarian essay by Pastor Greg Wilson that attributes modern Christmas celebrations to an ancient pagan source. Compare the information offered at the ancient/classical history page of the Mining Company.]
  • Mithraism: Jung vs. Freud
    [A short extract from The Aryan Christ: The secret life of Carl Jung by Richard Noll.]
  • Mithraism and Christianity
    [Some unconventional proposals about possible connections between early Christianity and Mithraism.]

    Other Resources
  • Mithras Internet Mailing List
    [A resource for discussion of Mithras and Mithraism via e-mail.]

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