Mysticisms from Asia

  • East Asian Mysticisms

  • Daoist or Taoist
    [A set of resources on one of the major traditions of classical China.]

    South and Southeast Asian Mysticisms

  • Javanese Mystical Movements
    [An anthropological introduction to "mysticism" in Java, treated in some detail, and in a way similar to Rudolf Otto - as an instance of a universal human potential. The author begins: "There are numerous forms of mysticism. The majestic grandeur of nature evoked an intuitive awe in man and a feeling of unity. Some time in history members of the homo sapiens species began directing their attention inside themselves as they received indications of a magical and spiritual nature." Part of the large Man and the Unknown web site.]

  • Practical Mysticism
    [An excerpt from the book God Speaks by Meher Baba.]

  • Sumarah Javanese Mysticism
    [A presentation and representation of Sumarah and the kebatinan tradition of Javanese mysticism by David Gordon Howe who is a guru in a Javanese mystic group, a long-standing druid practicing nature and a Ph.D. in anthropology.]

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