Prayer and Meditation

  • Contemplative Outreach
    [Christian prayer practices that have affinities with the mantra meditation of Asia.]
  • Insight Meditation Online
    [A site that follows the guidance of Venerable Pannyavaro, an Australian Theravada Buddhist monk. He is the resident teacher with the Buddha Dhamma Meditation Association (BDMA) in Sydney.]
  • Lay Buddhist Practice
    [Sections on the shrine room, Uposatha Day, the rains residence (traditionally prescribed for the summer monsoon in South Asia) by Bhikkhu Khantipalo, from a practical guide in the "Wheel Series" of the Buddhist Publication Society in Sri Lanka.]
  • Lectio Divina
    [Basic information on an ancient Christian practice prepared by Father Luke Dysinger, OSB.]
  • Lift Up Your Hearts
    [Resources provided by the Working Group on Worship of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in Canada.]
  • Mindfulness
    [A brief introduction from Wikipedia.]
  • Music and Mysticism Links
    [A short-list of links to music sites relevant to mysticism.]
  • Oracao Centrante e Lectio Divina
    [A lectio divina and Centering Prayer site in Portugese.]
  • Science of Spirituality
    [Meditation in the South Asian Sant Mat tradition of Sant Rajinder Singh.]
  • Vipassana Meditation
    [An introduction to a Buddhist meditation technique as taught by S. N. Goenka. See also another site that give additional information about this technique, too.]
  • World Community for Christian Meditation
    [An organization dedicated to the practice of Christian Meditation as taught by John Main OSB (1926-82).]

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