Religion in the News

  • Sites that Provide Current News and Commentary
  • BBC Religion & Ethics News
    [Current news briefs from around the world.]
  • BeliefNet
    [Easy to read, generally well-organized source of current news and opinion.]
  • CESNUR - Centro Studi sulle Nuove Religioni
    [Center for Studies on New Religions in Italy. Many online resources for news and current information about NRMs.]
  • Crosswalk
    [News and commentary from an evangelical Christian viewpoint.]
  • Online Religion Journalism
    [A good introduction to religion journalism, USA based.]
  • Religion and Ethics Newsweekly
    [News from PBS-TV in connection with a weekly television program with a focus on Religion and Ethics.]
  • Religion in the News
    [A valuable service project supported by the Pew Charitable Trust and coordinated by Mark Silk at Trinity College, Connecticut, USA. A print version is available by subscription.]
  • Religion News from Around the World
    [Links to current religion news from a wide variety of sources.]
  • Religion News from Yahoo!
    [Selected news stories and links to other web sites that provide religion news.]
  • Religion News Service
    [Selective coverage, primarily USA issues in religion and public life.]
  • Religion Review
    [Part of the World News Network.]
  • Speaking of Faith
    [National Public Radio series from Minnesota Public Radio.]
  • WorldWide Faith News
    [An archive of news releases from some 20 denominations.]

    Electronic and Print Subscription News Services
  • On Religion
    [An email information service available by subscription.]
  • Religion Watch
    [A news and trend letter soon to be available via email.]

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