Other Internet Portals for Religious Studies

  • Excellent
  • Internet Guide to Religion
    [A helpful guide supported by the Wabash Center. Describes itself as "A selective, annotated guide to a wide variety of electronic resources of interest to those who are involved in the study and practice of religion: syllabi, electronic texts, electronic journals, websites, bibliographies, listserv discussion groups, liturgies, reference resources . . . . to encourage and facilitate the incorporation of electronic resources into teaching."]

  • Virtual Religion Index
    [An extensive, well-organized, and annotated resource "designed to advance research in matters of religion" and maintained by Mahlon H. Smith who also hosts the important and at times controversial Jesus Seminar Forum web site.]

  • Very Good
  • Voice of the Shuttle: Religious Studies Page
    [Web pioneer Alan Liu at the University of California at Santa Barbara (USA) created this siteas part of an extensive set of resources for humanities research. Now seldom updated.]
  • Good
  • Open Directory: Religion and Spirituality
    [A volunteer effort. If consulted with caution and patience, Open Directory can be very useful.]
  • Religion on the Web
    [A lively and easy-to-read annotated list of links by Dr. Peter J. King, an Oxonian who currently teaches in north London. On other pages at his site, he provides links to resources for philosophy, books and e-texts, skepticism, and a number of other serious and not-so-serious categories.]
  • Why Study Religion?
    [A project supported by the American Academy of Religion that offers discussion of the field and links to resources.]

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