The Simple Feeling of Being

Shambhala recently published a 250-page book that brings together "spiritual" or "inspirational" passages from Ken Wilber's many volumes. Four editors collaborated to make the selections and produce the book which is titled The Simple Feeling of Being: Embracing Your True Nature (Shambhala, 2004) $14.95 in paperbound.

Wilber's spiritual perspectives have deep affinities in Hindu and Buddhist sources that won't find resonances in everyone. They lead toward transpersonal and non-dual (rather than personal) images of the divine and of the origin and destiny of the individual self.

The nine chapter titles are: The Witness -- Memoirs -- Spirit-in-Action -- Immediate Awareness -- Passionate Philosophy -- Always Already -- Being-in-the-World -- One without a Second -- The Brilliant Clarity of Ever-Present Awareness.

Readers who are familiar with Wilber's books will recognize selections (perhaps some of their favorite ones) from several Wilber titles, including the intimate odyssey of Grace and Grit and the articulation of science and religion in The Marriage of Sense and Soul.

The biggest surprise? The famous Wilber-theory maps make no appearance in this book. It is free from diagrams, charts, line-drawings, or other illustrations. Quadrants, waves, memes, and other conceptual apparatus associated with Wilber's Integral Approach are not at center stage here.

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