Religion and Science

  • Scholarly Organizations and Resources
  • American Association for the Advancement of Science
    [See in particular Science and Policy Programs. These include, for instance, the Dialogue on Science, Ethics, and Religion program which was lauched with three initial objectives: (1) to promote knowledge about developments in science and technology within the religious community, (2) to provide opportunities for dialogue between members of the scientific and religious communities on significant topics for the sake of mutual understanding, and (3) to promote collaboration between members of the scientific and religious communities on projects that explore the ethical and religious implications of scientific developments.]
  • Institute on Religion in an Age of Science
    [A membership organization "open to those who have an interest in religion, philosophy, and the natural and social sciences." Self-described as follows: "IRAS is a non-denominational, independent society with three purposes: (1) to promote creative efforts leading to the formulation, in the light of contemporary knowledge, of effective doctrines and practices for human welfare; (2) to formulate dynamic and positive relationships between the concepts developed by science and the goals and hopes of humanity expressed through religion; (3) to state human values and contemporary knowledge in such universal and valid terms that they may be understood by all peoples, whatever their cultural background and experience, and provide a basis for world-wide cooperation." In cooperation with Blackwell, IRAS publishes the journal Zygon.]
  • Metanexus Institute
    ["The Metanexus Institute advances research, education and outreach on the constructive engagement of science and religion. Metanexus is part of a growing network of individuals and groups exploring the dynamic interface between cosmos, nature and culture in communities and campuses throughout the world. Metanexus sponsors lectures, workshops, research, courses, grants, and publications. Projects include the Local Societies Initiative, the Templeton Research Lectures, the Spiritual Transformation Scientific Research Project, and other projects. Metanexus hosts an online magazine and discussion forum with over 180,000 monthly page views and over 8000 regular subscribers in 57 different countries."]
  • Religion and Science Glossary
    [A student project at the University of Pennsylvania guided by William Grassie.]
  • Science and Relgion Forum
    [Oriented mainly to Christians, the Forum is a membership organization in Great Britain that holds an annual conference in the UK, publishes a journal, and circulates to members information about science-religion matters.]
  • Zygon Center for Religion and Science
    [A program unit of the Lutheran School of Theology at Chicago, operated in collaboration with the Center for Advanced Study in Religion and Science (CASIRAS).]

    Religious and Spiritual Interest Groups
  • American Scientific Affiliation
    [A Christian association organized in 1941 "to investigate any area relating Christian faith and science."]
  • Association of Christians in the Mathematical Sciences
    [A membership interest group for Christians.]
  • Canadian Scientific and Christian Affiliation
    [A membership organization founded in 1973 as a partner organization with the American Scientific Affiliation, and that describes itself as " a fellowship of men and women of science and disciplines that can relate to science who share a common fidelity to Jesus Christ, the Word of God and a commitment to integrity in the practice of science."]
  • Center for Integral Science
    [Described as "dedicated to the development of an integrated framework that is comprehensive of both spiritual and scientific methods of investigation into Reality."]
  • Christians in Science
    [A professional association of some 600 members in the UK, for people concerned about science/faith issues.]
  • Institute for Theological Encounter with Science and Technology
    [A Roman Catholic Christian institute, self-described as "an international, interdisciplinary, interfaith community of Christians concerned with one of the most promising but urgent issues facing the churches and the civil society, namely, the revolutionary advance in scientific and technological capability, particularly as it is directed toward living systems."]
  • National Catholic Bioethics Center
    [A major membership, information, and religious interest center that publishes the monthly Ethics & Medics.]
  • Pascal Centre
    [A centre for advanced studies in Christian faith and science, affiliated with Redeemer College in Ancaster, Ontario.]

    Perspectives and Proposals
  • Access Research Network
    [A non-profit organization in Colorado Springs, Colorado. Resources from multiple perspectives, but with emphasis on support for Intelligent Design.]
  • Catholic Perspectives on Faith and Science
    [A list of linked resources provided by the Newman Center at California Institute of Technology.]
  • Science Without Bounds
    [A freely-available online electronic book authored by Art D'Adamo and subtitled Synthesis of Science, Religion and Mysticism. There are also a large number of links offered from this site.]

    Print and Online Journals and Newsletters
  • Science & Spirit
    [Self-described as "Science & Spirit magazine reports on cutting-edge science, balanced with the wisdom of a world of faiths. "]

    Courses and Study Programs
  • BTI Religion and Science Program
    [Information about the Religion and Science Program offered by the The Boston Theological Insitute in conjunction with member schools and The Center for Faith and Science Exchange.]

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