Shinto and Japanese New Religions

  • Shinto
  • Japanese Religions
    [A useful set of resources on Japanese religions, including Shinto, by Paul Watt.]
  • International Shinto Foundation
    [A site available in English or Japanese language. The ISF "aims to organize symposiums on Shinto in Japan and overseas; promote the establishment of Shinto chairs at overseas universities and religious institutions; invite overseas scholars to research Shinto in Japan; establish an international Shinto library; to promote the publication of books on Shinto and produce a comprehensive Shinto dictionary in English; offer venues for the discussion of Shinto research; encourage Shinto studies and research at all levels, and produce literature and organize events which will enhance better understanding of Shinto around the world."]
  • Shinto Online Network Association
    [Information provided by "a non-profit volunteer organisation with the objective of publicising Japanese tradition and a correct understanding of the Shinto religion."]
  • Shinto, the Way of the Gods
    [An illustrated personal essay by N. Alice Yamada.]
  • Wikipedia: Shinto
    [Article in the open source "people's encyclopedia."]

  • Shinto Shrines
  • Shinto Shrines
    [An introduction to terms and concepts, with links to shrine sites from]
  • Meiji Jingu Shrine
    [In Japanese. Illustrated.]
  • Yasukuni Jinja Shrine
    [Bilingual Japanese and English pages for a shrine that had a close relationship with the Japanese military during World War II.]
  • Shinto: Teaching Comparative Religion through Architecture
    [Excellent resource from the University of California at Berkeley.]

  • Shinto Texts
  • Shinto Scripture and Japanese Folklore
    [Texts linked from the Internet Sacred Texts Archive.]

  • Japanese New Religions
  • The Fountainhead of Miracles, Shinreikyo

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