Sikh Traditions

  • Basic Information
  • Wikipedia: Sikhism
    [Article in the open source "people's encyclopedia." See also the article on gurdwaras.]
  • Introduction to Sikhism
    [A site maintained by the Sikh Missionary Society in UK that includes a book by Gobind Singh Mansukhani.]

  • Online Guides
  • About Sikhism
    [A personal perspective on Sikh tradition at pages maintained by Gurpal Singh Samra in Livingston, California, USA.]
  • All about Sikhism
    [A professionally designed site with useful basic information.]
  • History of the Sikhs
    [Sandeep Singh Bajwa's site serves as a quick-reference source about personalities and events.]
  • SGPC Net
    [Official web pages of the Shiromani Gurdwara Parkandhak Committee in Amritsar, Punjab. Understandably, the best available resources have been utilized in the preparation of this site.]
  • SikhNet: The Sikh Network
    [Intended to be a complete community and information resource. Designed and maintained by Western Sikh followers of the tradition, and a site with an interesting history of its own.]
  • Sikhism Home Page
    [Maintained by Sandeep Singh Brar. A fairly comprehensive site, includes sound files. Lovely Khalsa graphics on the opening page.]
  • Sikhism: Thy Name is Love and Sacrifice
    [A labor of love sponsored by Brig. Partap Singh Ji Jaspal (Retd.) and beautifully designed.]
  • Sikh-Seek: The Sikhism Web Guide
    [An index of sites relevant to Sikhism, maintained by Gurumustuk Singh Khalsa and reminiscent of the earliest version of Yahoo!]
  • Sikh Spirit
    [A community-interest and information site in the U.K.]

  • Gurdwaras
  • Historical Gurdwaras of Punjab
    [Will generate nostalgia in anyone who has been there, and a wish to travel in anyone who has not yet enjoyed a visit to the Punjab.]
  • Sikh Temples Worldwide
    [Ambitious project to provide photographs and links to sites of gurdwaras worldwide.]

  • Sikh Religious Politics
  • Council of Khalistan
    [A special-interest lobbying group in North America.]
  • Nihang Sikhs
    [The domain is registered, but the site is not developed as yet.]
  • Panth Khalsa
    [Supports rights for Sikhs worldwide and, like the Council of Khalistan, Sikh sovereignty.]

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